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Posted by Mushware 2002-10-24

Release 0.1.0

This release adds a 3D renderer for the office, plus various other features and enhancements. Don't forget to download a data pack from once you've built the source. Binary RPMs are available from the same place.

Posted by Mushware 2002-10-24

Release 0.0.4

The latest release is out! At last ic2 has become a playable game. Here's the most recent game description:

'Take on the role of the Infernal Contractor and raise mayhem in this fast-moving office simulation. This episode sees you racing round the office against the clock in an attempt to prove your fitness to the demanding recruiters. Slippery floors and dodgy ergonomics are all that stand between you and gainful employment. Hear encouraging phone calls from your agent, the harsh judgements of the recruiters, and the final countdown as you race for the finish line in this interactive interaction.'... read more

Posted by Mushware 2002-08-28

What's in the code?

If you're trawling through looking for example code, here are a few of the useful things that IC2 does:

Starts an SDL application ( for its supported platforms in a fairly self contained class.
Loads GIFs and transparent TIFFs as OpenGL textures.
Performs various rendering operations including texturing.
Plays ogg and mp3 files using SDL_mixer, smpeg and the ogg/vorbis libraries.
Interprets commands using flex/bison.
Loads and saves objects to XML files, which can contain executable script elements.
Wraps PCRE in a regular expression class.
Checks lines for intersection without using division.
Contains an in-game map designer.
Builds win32 and MacOS X installers using autoconf-style makefiles.
The application core (script interpreter) or core+OpenGL support will build independently and can be pulled out.... read more

Posted by Mushware 2002-08-07

Release 0.0.3

Release 0.0.3 has arrived. The project has just passed 20,000 lines of code, and is starting to look a bit like a real game. Collision checking prevents you walking through walls. The game speed now stays constant provided that the frame rate stays above 20. This is leading up to the first playable game, which will be a race around the office against that clock (because that's easiest to do).... read more

Posted by Mushware 2002-08-07


Work continues on collision checking. The code is now generating a simple solid map, and simple collision checking is in place, i.e. the centre of a object will not pass through walls. Next job is collision checking with a rotated bounding box.

Posted by Mushware 2002-07-18

Project organisation

The project is divided into two parts; the source code and the data files. The source code (C++) is placed in the public domain by the author, and SourceForge is used to support that code. The data files (sound, graphics, etc.) may be proprietory and have distribution restrictions. These data files won't be found on SourceForge but on the project homepage This allows the game to use sound and graphics from various commercial sources as necessary.

Posted by Mushware 2002-07-13

Current status

Pre-alpha release 0.0.2 is available at the project home page It displays the basic office view and allows movement, but there's no gameplay. Please report problems or bugs at SourceForge in the normal way.

Posted by Mushware 2002-07-13

Welcome to Infernal Contractor II

This is a game project. The game presents a view of an office from above and the player must manoeuvre themselves around the office and perform various tasks.

Posted by Mushware 2002-07-13