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The IBserver project is now hosted on a new site:

Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-06-22

IBserver User Forum

The IBserver forum has finaly arrived. Please use this forum to report bugs/bug solutions, feature requests, and general problems. Hopefuly people will be able to find solutions to their problems there. Also if you have any suggestions regarding the new forum, post them. Have fun.

Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-05-27

Source Code available for download

Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-02-06

Runtime error 430 resolution

"Runtime 430 - Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface"

This error is caused by the following condition:
Microsoft Scripting Runtime 5.6 is not present on your system.

To fix the problem you will have to download and install the Scripting Runtime from the link below.


Click on:
'Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 Download'... read more

Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-02-03

IBserver Control Panel v1.0.47

This version was released mainly to fix problems I had will my installer and including a wrong component.

If either of the two previous versions work on your machine then you won't notice any difference (other than some broken web links corrected).
However, if you are experiencing 'comctl32.ocx' and 'runtime 430' errors, this should fix those problems. No need to uninstall previous versions. Just make sure it installs in the same folder as the the older version.

Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-02-02

PHP-Nuke: create super-user

I accidentally left a super-user account on the php-nuke system (and I don't remember the password)

But here' what you can do to get rid of it:
1) Go into phpMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/)

2) Select the 'phpnuke' database
There's two tables here to edit
- In nuke_authors, delete the record for 'inkblot' (probably the only one there)
- In nuke_users, delete the record for 'inkblot' and leave the 'Anonomous' record... read more

Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-01-30

New IBserver website

New IBserver website has been created.


Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-01-28

comctl32.ocx error bug fix

For anyone who's seen this message:
"Failed to load control ImageList from comctl32.ocx"

version 1.0.46 of the IB Control Panel fixes this problem. The only difference in this release is that fix so you only need it if you've seen that error

Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-01-28

IBserver version 1.0 released.

This is the first release of IBserver and my first experience with SourceForge. Now it's really late and I'm going to bed. More notes will be included when I'm awake.

Posted by Eric Dickman 2003-01-22

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