Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation / News: Recent posts

IBDS 1.09 released

In this release the project files were created by using cmake. The release contains project files for Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, KDevelop and Unix Makefiles.

Posted by Jan Bender 2008-03-20

IBDS 1.08 released

In this release a car model was added and some bugfixes were made. IBDS now also provides some version information.

Posted by Jan Bender 2007-12-30

IBDS 1.07 released

I updated Bullet to version 2.62 in this release. Another important change is the use of the namespace IBDS for all functions.

Posted by Jan Bender 2007-10-05

IBDS 1.06 released

The new release contains a XML sample which can import models in a XML file and simulate them.
I also started to translate the documentation to English.

Posted by Jan Bender 2007-08-27

IBDS 1.05 released

This release contains the linear-time solver presented in my paper "Impulse-based dynamic simulation in linear time".

Posted by Jan Bender 2007-08-21

IBDS 1.04 released

I added a new sample to the project and fixed some small bugs.

Posted by Jan Bender 2007-07-31

IBDS 1.03 released

The new release contains Kdevelop project files and makefiles for Linux.

Posted by Jan Bender 2007-07-26

IBDS 1.02 released

IBDS is a library for dynamic simulation of multi-body systems in C++. The library simulates rigid bodies, particles, many different joint types and collisions with dynamic and static friction. The library is open source under the zlib license. So it is free for commercial use.

IBDS has two meanings. It stands for Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation and for Institut für Betriebs- und Dialogsysteme which is the institute at the University of Karlsruhe where I developed the library.

Posted by Jan Bender 2007-07-13