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IAMB -Iamb A Message Board / News: Recent posts

Moved to

The entirety of this project has been moved to the development servers of Look there instead.

Posted by Rich Bowen 2002-03-26

eject eject

we are in process of moving the development branch off of sourceforge, for various reasons. please watch this space for further developments.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-07

IAMB problem tracking moved to RT

Due to certain ... er ... shortcomings with the SourceForge problem tracking system (specifically that it does not send out nearly enough email) we are moving the problem tracking system back to RT.

Problem tracking can be seen at You can login with username 'iamb' with password 'iambguest' for read-only access.

Bugs can be submitted by emailing

Posted by Rich Bowen 2001-01-13

Moved all issues from RT

All previous development was being tracked in a problem tracking system called RT (Request Tracker). RT is a great piece of software, but it seemed to make little sense to have problem tracking in one place, and everything else here on SourceForge.

I just got done moving all the open issues here, and have made RT read-only, so that we can ensure that all development goes on here, rather than being split.... read more

Posted by Rich Bowen 2000-11-26

New name, moved to SourceForge

IAMB, formerly called Talk, has made two fairly major changes this month.

First, we changed the name. Now, if we had taken more than a few minutes to think about it, we would have realized at the beginning that the name 'talk' was already taken. And taken by a very well-known, widespread application. Another victim of "it seemed like a good idea at the time", the name "Talk" has been changed to "IAMB", which stands for "I Am a Message Board." The name additionally appeals to us because of it's punny qualities. Pronounced "I Am", the name is somewhat recursive. (Perhaps it stands for "I Am, Message Board!") Additionally, an iamb is a term from poetry. It's a kind of metrical foot, if that means anything to you.... read more

Posted by Rich Bowen 2000-11-19