#1 Problem with broken cernlib command on Debian


On Debian Lenny (502) the cernlib command coming with the OS is broken.
It does not list any of the cernlib libs, only the secondary/system libs.

The symptom is that the building of the examples break:
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/vivian/iAIDA-1.0.17/examples'
g++ -fPIC -pthread -g -I../include -I../include/Boost-1.33.1 -I../include -c exaH1.cpp -o exaH1.o
g++ -fPIC -pthread -g exaH1.o -I../include -I../include/Boost-1.33.1 -I../include -L/home/vivian/iAIDA-1.0.17/lib -liAIDA -L//usr/lib -Wl,-static -Wl,-dy -lnsl -lcrypt -ldl -lgfortran -L/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.3 -lgfortran -L/usr/lib -L../lib -liAIDA -lexpat -lz -pthread -ldl -o exaH1
/home/vivian/iAIDA-1.0.17/lib/libiAIDA.so: undefined reference to `hmdir_'
/home/vivian/iAIDA-1.0.17/lib/libiAIDA.so: undefined reference to `hgiven_'
/home/vivian/iAIDA-1.0.17/lib/libiAIDA.so: undefined reference to `hbarx_'

As a workaround, replacing the CERN_LIB in the "ifdef HAVE_CERN" section
of the src/Makefile (around line 117) by "CERN_LIB=-lpacklib" works. This edit
needs to be done after the call to configure.

First reported by Vivian Wang (Aug 23, 2009).


  • Andreas Pfeiffer

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  • Andreas Pfeiffer

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