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I18NEdit / News: Recent posts

I18NEdit 1.2.2 released

After more than four years, I18NEdit 1.0 is replaced with the next public version, I18NEdit 1.2.2. It features a multitude of changes and enhancements to its ancestor while keeping the overall program structure and interface.

The news:

- The seletion of shown locales is uncoupled from the translation mode. Even when translating from English to German, the French locale can be shown additionally.

- All shown locales and the comment fields can be edited, even in translation mode.... read more

Posted by Dirk Hillbrecht 2008-01-23

I18NEdit 1.0 - Java/PHP program localisation a child's play

I18NEdit manages internationalized properties for Java programs and features a PHP adapter class for them. All property bundles are shown in a tree, each property is editable directly in all available localisations. I18NEdit keeps track of changes in a source locale and presents the translator only what really has been altered since his last translation session. Distributed working groups are supported by merging features. I18NEdit has been started by the German software company cantamen and is distributed under the GNU General Public License, GPL.... read more

Posted by Dirk Hillbrecht 2003-11-19