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Subversion move complete

CVS no more SVN is here.. the cvs notes seemed to cause cvs2svn to catalog things strangely organized

Posted by John Ellis 2007-09-09

Subversion Migration

Please do not check out anything via CVS. We are migrating to Subversion, once the process is complete the CVS repository will no longer be available.

Posted by John Ellis 2007-09-04

Continued Development

DevSec has recently been taken over and development will continue, starting with some bug fixes for the 3.0.6 release and followed shortly by a new release, plans include the merging of key features from the ViewMAX ZoneMinder branch, as well as a installable LiveCD Ubuntu based ISO release, and of course some Debs for Debian/Ubuntu.

Posted by John Ellis 2006-11-21

Devolution Security 3.0.6 released

This version has been tested with Ubuntu 5.04

This (and all previous versions) required 24 bit depth display.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-10-26

Devolution Security 3.0.5 released

Once again, a release. This release should fix all the compile time bugs that people were having when compiling with gcc 3.x. There is still a hard coded path in the web interface that wasn't noticed before the upload. This has been fixed and will be included in the next release (in a few days).

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-08-06

Devolution Security 3.0.4 released

Release often... heh.

3.0.4 has been released. This will fix the build error in devsec/web_interface. Apparently I had not included a file in my CVS. Therefore it was not being included in the tarballs. Hopefully this version will fix that little problem.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-08-05

Devolution Security 3.0.3 released

Hot on the heels of 3.0.2 comes 3.0.3. This is the functional release.

The buttons on the right hand side are now configurable via a new system panel in the configuration dialog.

The dtk source is now included to simplify the build process.

./configure --prefix=<whatever>
make install

/streams is still hardcoded.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-08-04

Devolution 3.0.2 released

This release contains the ffmpeg source (as some users were having problems with ffmpeg versions). It also includes autoconf/automake cleanups.

Hopefully this is the version where the code can start to be cleaned up.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-08-03

Devolution Security 3.0.1b released

Well, even on dialup, I have managed to upload another tarball to replace the broken one. This one should work.

Changes since 3.0.0:

Removed most of the hard coded paths. /streams is still hard coded. I plan on making that configurable.

Download and test. thanks

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-08-01

Devolution Security 3.0.1 re-release

The 3.0.1 tarball was corrupted so new one has been uploaded and is ready for your use. Sorry for that.

(It is still called devsec-3.0.1.tar.gz as I am on dialup and forgot to rename the tarball before I uploaded it)

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-08-01

Devolution Security 3.0.1 Broken

The tarball for 3.0.1 is broken. It has since been removed and a new tarball 3.0.1b is being uploaded. Thankyou to tinkster for alerting me to this.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-08-01

Devolution Security 3.0.1

The second release of the Devolution Security surveillance system has been released. This is just a small fix with hard coded paths being (mostly) removed. This version can be installed anywhere. Note that dtk must be installed with the same prefix.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-07-31

New web site

A less crappy web site has been uploaded. It even has a screenshot.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-07-19

First Release

Well, it wasn't quite a week, and the code is not as clean as I wanted it, but here it is.


Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-07-16


Greetings all, and welcome to my new project, Devolution Security System. I see there is allready some interest in this project, but I have not yet had a change to get the files onto sourceforge yet. Give me about a week and I should have a first release tarball and the code in CVS.

I just have to clean up the code a bit, organize it a bit better then it will go up (probably the tarball first).

Stay tuned. This is not vapourware.

Posted by Peter Hartshorn 2005-07-15