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New Website

The development of the whole Lobotomy Project (which Hyppocampus is a component) is moving to a new website, reachable at the URL http://lobotomy-project.org . Please upgrade your bookmarks!

Posted by Roberto Guido 2009-03-25

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.3rc2 released

- Corrections on new VFS interface
- Built-in notifications system with D-Bus
- Removed support for plugins
- Bugfixes

- Complete rewrite of VFS module
- Redefinition of fundamental VFS data types
- Integration of VFS items notifications with SubConsciousDaemon

Posted by Roberto Guido 2008-02-17

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.3rc1 released

Transitional release to test the completely new relational engine.

- Complete rewrite
- Internal RDBMS is dropped and replaced by interface to existing database throught DBI
- Support for queries with multiple selection, grouping, ordering
- NOT operator handling
- Temporary suspended support for =~ and ?= operators, and plugins

- Rewrite of traslation routines
- Modifications against new interrogation format for Hyppocampus
- Improved hyppo_vfs_query() and hyppo_vfs_open()
- Bugfixes

Posted by Roberto Guido 2007-08-17

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.2.3 released

- First VIEWs implementation
- Privileges assignation on files and virtual directories creation time
- Removed tools, substituted with generic executable to traslate queries
- Bugfixes

- Improved heuristics in traslation routine
- Abstraction for metadata in VFS
- First abstraction for generic plugins handling
- New HyppoVFS functions:
-- hyppo_vfs_finish()
-- hyppo_vfs_file_path()
-- hyppo_vfs_listxattr_complete()
-- hyppo_vfs_listxattr_limited()
-- hyppo_vfs_free_complete_xattrs()... read more

Posted by Roberto Guido 2007-06-09

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.2.2 released

- First set of commandline applications to access the filesystem
- Minor, major, minor equal and major equal operators handling for strings
- Better heuristic to determine if is required a file, a canonical path or a query
- Improved handling of directories opening (and query performing)
- Coeherent notifications to SubConscious Daemon

- Traslation routines between human and Hyppocampus format for queries
- New HyppoVFS functions:

Posted by Roberto Guido 2007-04-21

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.2.1 released

- fsck.hyppo
- mknod() implementation
- EXISTS and ALL operators handling
- First plugin, dedicated to the KAddressBook contacts file
- Trivial optimizations
- Bugfixes

Posted by Roberto Guido 2007-03-22

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.2 released

- Standard build environment
- LIKE operator handling
- First implementation of plugins mechanism
- Improved system and internal metadata upgrade
- First SQL optimizator
- DBUS interface with SubConscious Daemon, to notify creation and remotion of files
- Bugfixes

- First API specification for Hyppocampus plugins
- Facility functions to access DBUS services by the SubConscious Daemon
- New HyppoVFS functions:

Posted by Roberto Guido 2007-01-23

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.1.3 released

Some heavy revisions of the SQL parser, now with some new approaches to the groups handling and a pair new operators

Posted by Roberto Guido 2006-12-18

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.1.2 released

Some new crucial functions, such as the completely new inodes cache and advanced statements handling. Lots of bugfixes

Posted by Roberto Guido 2006-10-31

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.1.1 released

Major bugfixes, and some adjustment in the way to supports a "GROUP BY" filesystem implementation.

Posted by Roberto Guido 2006-09-12

Hyppocampus over FUSE 0.1 released

Released the absolutly first implementation of Hyppocampus relational filesystem: it implement some fundamental function and a simple SQL parser.

Posted by Roberto Guido 2006-08-10

ConceptPrototype Develop

In the CVS is accessible the concept prototype that is actually under development: this little application have the target to experiment algorithms and structures for the fisical disposition of metadata in the filesystem, using a simple binary file as a rappresentation of the hard disk. All contributions are welcome :-)

Posted by Roberto Guido 2005-08-24

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