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Hypergraph 0.6.3 released

The new release 0.6.3 of HyperGraph, a java tool to visualise hyperbolic trees and graphs, has been published.
It fixes some bugs, adds additional support for communication between javascript and the applet, and gives a simple webbased editor.

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2005-10-24

HyperGraph refactors to use SWT

The HyperGraph software is currently completely being refactored to be used with Swing and SWT ! This will allow later usage as an eclipse plugin.
All code that is not strictly dependent on the UI will be shared to ensure a common functionality.
The SWT support will be part of the new release that is planned for early November.

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2005-10-04

Hypergraph 0.6.2 released

A new version of the Hypergraph software has been released. It's a maintenance version that fixes minor bugs and includes a refactoring of the renderer dependencies to decouple the different renderers.
It also contains a new application for Wikis that support RPC Wiki interface.

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2004-11-28

HyperGraph under LGPL license

The HyperGraph software is now available under the lesser general public license (LGPL). The license information in CVS will be update in the next days until a new release comes out.

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2004-05-01

HyperGraph supports TopicMaps

The HyperGraph project provides Java Swing enhancements to show graphs using hyperbolic geometry (hyperbolic trees).
A new application of HyperGraph has been written to show the structure of topic maps in a user friendly way. Examples can be found at http://hypergraph.sourceforge.net/example_tm.html

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2004-04-11

Hypergraph 0.5 released

Hypergraph is a java tool for hyperbolic tree / graph visualisation.

In version 0.5 a lot of functionality has been added. Edges now have labels, the visual appearance of edges and nodes is more flexible and the force directed layout can be used.

Work has been started on a google browser and a browser for topicmaps.

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2004-03-14

Hypergraph 0.4.1 released

Hypergraph is used to visualise graphs using hyperbolic geometry (hyperbolic trees).
This release fixes some bugs of 0.4 and provides some error handling when graphs can't be found or xml files can't be parsed properly.

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2004-01-27

hypergraph-0_4 released

The new version of hypergraph contains new layouts, especially a force directed layout, as well as the possibility to set the properties of the graph visualisation in a seperate property file.

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2004-01-10

Hypergraph 0.3 released

Hypergraph provides a java api for graphs and visualisation of hyperbolic trees. The new release 0.3. supports expanding and shrinking of subtrees in the hyperbolic tree, line breaks in the text representation and includes event handling for changes in a graph or layout.

Posted by Jens Kanschik 2003-12-07

Hypergraph 0.2.1 : New homepage launched

The homepage of hypergraph has been relaunched with a different design. Hypergraph provides java code to visualize graphs in the hyperbolic plane. It includes a java applet that renders any graph stored in GraphXML or GraphML format.


Posted by Jens Kanschik 2003-11-28

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