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Update release 2 available

This update release fixes a few issues that have been raised by users of Hydrate.

Posted by David Chamberlin 2006-07-17

Hydrate version 2.0 final Released!

Following a number of minor bug fixes, the first stable release of Hydrate version 2.0 is now available.

Hydrate is a Java tool that provides for fast efficient and error-free transformation of data between three different representations: relational databases, objects in Java and extended markup language (XML).

The functionality of Hydrate overlaps that of O/R mapping frameworks on the one hand and XML binding tools on the other, but its strength lies in letting these technologies work together.... read more

Posted by David Chamberlin 2006-06-04

Hydrate version 2.0 beta 2 released!

Beta 2 has solved a number of usability issues with the 'Query Builder': a tool that assists you to write the definition files that map the results of a database query to your object model.

- The layout of the window is now more informative and colour coded for more intuitive usage

- Better error checking means more useful feedback and better validation, warnings and suggestions when saving the queries... read more

Posted by David Chamberlin 2005-11-17

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