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Report from Sean Rima

The one thing that I am curious about is why in JAM it
uses areatag.sql instead of areatag.jlr. If I read using
Golded+ and I exit and try then to use Msged, then it
doesn't see my lastread.

Note from Rick Van Ruth, 3:640/954@fidonet:
JAM lastread storage file format

????????.JLR Lastread storage
The .JLR file is used to maintain a user's position within
a message area. The layout of the "lastread" record
follows. One record per user is required.

ulong UserCRC; // CRC-32 of user name (lowercase) (1)
ulong UserID; // Unique UserID
ulong LastReadMsg; // Last read message number
ulong HighReadMsg; // Highest read message number

(1) The functions to convert a string to lowercase
characters that are provided in the API will only convert
characters A-Z (into a-z). It is required that this
convention is followed by all applications.

The UserID field is a unique number for each user. If
the "lastread" record is deleted, UserCRC and UserID
are both set to -1 (ffffffffH). An application may not
depend on any specific order in the .JLR file. A
user's "lastread" record may appear anywhere in the file
and must be searched for when retrieving it and when
storing an updated record.


  • Dmitry Sergienko

    • labels: 455123 --> msged
  • Robert James Clay

    This is quite old; will need to verify if the issue is still present and/or has already been resolved.


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