#4 PASS command fails


I have two hotmail accounts, one works, and the other
one used to work sometimes, but now I haven't been able
to get it to work for a week. I always get the error
that the PASS command failed, even though I am 100%
sure that the password is correct. Any tips? (using
linux, mozilla, and inetd with the latest version of




  • Dave Dunkin

    Dave Dunkin - 2002-05-22
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  • David Smith

    David Smith - 2002-05-23

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    Now it doesn't work at all for either account. I haven't
    tried the changes to LWP which were described in the list to
    see if that works though.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have a similar problem. Some of my hotmail accounts do
    work, some do not, and there's nothing special between them
    than I can fathom.

  • Jon Gabrielson

    Jon Gabrielson - 2002-09-10

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    I have encountered the same problem.
    hotwayd (a similar program) can connect no problem,
    but this program consistently fails with a bad
    I would just use hotwayd, but I am not wanting to use pop3.

  • David Koppenhofer

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    > I would just use hotwayd, but I am not wanting to use pop3.

    I thought httpmail was pop3 also...

    I haven't tried httpmail yet, as it seems less maintained
    than hotwayd or hotpop3. (currently working on getting
    hotwayd working under cygwin...)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Had same problem with failure of PASS command.
    Sniffed both HTTPMAIL and OE and determined that
    HTTPMAIL strategy of allowing LWP to handle HTTP
    redirects is in error as authentication data is being mixed
    up. I have now modified HTTPMAIL to handle HTTP
    redirects myself and everything is now working fine.
    Dave my perl code is a bit rough (this being the first time I
    have used perl) but if you tell me where to send it you are
    welcome to use for bug correction

    Tony Sauri

  • Dave Dunkin

    Dave Dunkin - 2002-12-03

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    Tony, you can use the patch manager to submit a patch, or you can
    send the patch to httpmail-devel@lists.sourceforge.net. Thanks!

    Dave Dunkin

  • Matt Dunford

    Matt Dunford - 2003-04-14

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    Check out hotway.sf.net. Their code currenlty works
    although it's written in C. I tried to duplicate what they do in
    perl, but I'm still unsuccessful. dologin() is where I started.

    Did Tony ever send in that patch?

  • Tony Sauri

    Tony Sauri - 2003-04-15

    Logged In: YES

    Hi All,
    I did upload my version of HTTPMailClient.pm as an
    attachment to an email I sent to the list. Might not be
    accessible from there so today I have sent it as a patch -
    Refer Item 721771

    Tony Sauri

    PS Just been back to look at the patch item and I can't see
    the file I thought I uploaded :-(

  • Tony Sauri

    Tony Sauri - 2003-04-15

    Logged In: YES

    OK My file has now uploaded successfully to the patch



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