#3 Error after login on hotmail


Win 2K
Telenet - Cable internet connection

Language : Visual Basic
Compiled OCX - no problems
Opened demo program, ocx could not be loaded, so
loaded the file manually in the program. Changed no
Compiled the program.
Run, connect, give in user and password -> :-(
Program stops responding

Bart Goossens


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I was able to reproduce this issue on Windows XP. After
    authentication dialog is submitted program stops
    responding. I placed the system outside the firewall and
    got the same results.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I experience the same problem !!!

  • Dave Dunkin

    Dave Dunkin - 2002-05-22
    • assigned_to: nobody --> damn_indian
  • Julian Benjamin

    Julian Benjamin - 2002-05-23

    Logged In: YES

    i will be working on it.. will update you on changes.

  • Two Bits

    Two Bits - 2002-09-27

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    I have the same problems (right down to manually adding
    the ocx). First off, the problem lies in the actual
    MSXML2.XMLHTTP object used by the ocx. It is calling
    Send synchronously (and erroneously mind you), but it
    never returns. I ran it asynch, and it acts extremely
    dodgey; my best guess is its the PROPFIND verb, but
    MSDN says it should work. In any case, I would time it out
    after 15 seconds and it would have either a readystate of 1
    or 3.. and when it was 3 (interactive, can start reading
    data) it would error while trying get status codes,
    responsetext, etc. My best guess: its the plethora of auths
    and redirects making it puke. I think it needs to be re-
    written with winsock, if not inet. This should not be terribly
    difficult if we leave out functionallity the app is likely to
    never use. If i succeed, I'll repost the info. If anyone would
    like to work on this together, email me at nkr7278 at
    hotmail dot com. Cheers! - Two-Bits

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ok, well I've definately nailed down this bug. When a page
    request typically redirects, the request body is not
    automatically sent to the new URI. As far as I can tell, this
    is normal according to the HTTP rfc regarding user-agent
    behaviours. However, the httpmail system returns a series
    of redirect statuses but MUST send the same request body
    to each new URI in order to work. (Well I imagine it just
    needs it on the LAST request.. though I've not tried to
    determine that pre-emptively). Since the VB code uses
    MSXML2.XMLHTTP, which does NOT perform the needed
    behaviour (actually it does carry over the Content-Length,
    just not the body.. this is why it locks up!) so I had to
    rewrite the object. It's complete, tested, and works, though
    its still rather messy and exists as a UserControl. I'll post
    it when I find time to clean it up.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Have you had a chance to post the fixes?

  • Toru Marumoto

    Toru Marumoto - 2003-08-15

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    Quick solution.

    Change your Internet security setting.
    Internet Option-> security-> {Internet} Custormize->
    allow(or show dialog) data source access between different

    I just posted a question to the Mailing list.
    I just needed to know how to connect without
    changing the security setting.
    But I guess you guys did not know...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Because of security updates, http://service.msn.com needs
    to be in your IE trusted sites. Then try it again...


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