#39 Doesn't work


Since Microsoft decided to make hotmail only available through
subscription with Outlook and Outlook Express, my httpmail plugin
doesn't work, and it gives that as the problem. Is this the end of


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    Yeah I'm in the same boat, I just got a new computer and the mail works
    on the old one but when I set it up on the new one I can't download my

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Doesn't worked for me
    I tried more time installation desinstallation but no success !
    But no error message

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    it just wont work...
    can someone help plzz
    i cant make connection due to this error:Access to Hotmail via Outlook
    and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at http://

  • Will Mullen

    Will Mullen - 2005-09-19

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    When this happened to me, I changed my hotmail passwords. I
    made them all numeric and 6 characters long. I can access
    all my old free accounts via outlook express. I tried
    creating one new free account, but it does not work.

    The accounts that I had set up using httpmail worked under
    panther. After ugrading to tiger and installing the latest
    httpmail, the accounts that I had already configured
    continued to work. Any old account that I tried to add after
    the upgrade would not work. After a lot of research, I
    noticed that the working accounts had SSL off where the
    non-working ones had SSL on. It appears that, when connected
    to the Internet, httpmail sets up new accounts with SSL on
    as a default. I have not been able to figure out how to turn
    it off. When NOT connected, httpmail prompts for SSL
    settings and I can configure the SSL off. However, an
    account configured in this manner does not work after
    reconnecting to the Internet.


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