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I would also like to see error suppression. In my
experience, almost all error dialogs are just problems with
that specific attempt to get new mail.

In Panther Mail.app, other accounts that fail a connection
are given the caution icon (exclamation point inside of a
triangle) next to the mailbox. Clicking on that gives
information of the error and a button to try the connection
again. httpmail should use this convention for errors,
since the dialog box prevents Mail from doing anything else.

Furthermore, in every case except one (when Hotmail itself
was down), httpmail successfully connected to Hotmail after
throwing an error. Almost every error is just for a single
connection, and could be safely ignored.

Perhaps, after encountering an error, httpmail could wait a
few seconds and try the connection again. Then, only after
failing the second time, would the account receive the
caution icon next to its mailbox; no dialog at all.