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Icon packs offline (not updated)

The icon packs have been hidden for the time being. They are no longer compatible with the latest versions of the server. If this is a problem for anyone please get in contact

Posted by teknopaul 2005-03-17

beta 0.8 with installer

The new version has some minor bug fixes and a new installer created with For linux installs a script based text search is included but be warned the search is not clever and uses no indexing. Consider Nutch for a proper search. This project is getting ready fora n alpha release so please provide feedback to help the push.

Posted by teknopaul 2005-03-17

A bit quiet?

This project may have seemed a bit quiet lately, but that is because I have been working on a lot of new code for an MP3 player plugin. The new code uses a slightly modified version of tritonus to play tunes on the server. A playlist can be maintained and so not only can you stream to winamp, the servier will be able to play locally if it has its own sound card. Currently OGG and MP3 are working in development stay tuned for latest update, ther will be a new beta release with the plugin included soon.

Posted by teknopaul 2004-07-31

New release

A few minor changes have been made to the code cleaning up the way redirects and URL parameters are handled internally. There are a few extra buttons on the edit file page that should prove handy too.

Posted by teknopaul 2004-05-29

Skin required

If you would like this service to look more like your existing site, and are willing to contribute the look as a GPL skin, please get in contact on the contact mailing list

Posted by teknopaul 2004-05-07

Initial Release

Initial version released. This service ahs been used pjrivately for a few years now but it has just been released on sourceforge under GPL

Posted by teknopaul 2004-05-07