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Version 0.6 Released!

Version 0.6 has been released with some general changes to the design of code and stuff. This has been compiled in VC++ 2010.

If this doesn't work for whatever reason or you get a program error, please let me know through support.

Posted by Thomas Crabtree 2011-01-31

Version 0.5 Added - Recording Function!

Version 0.5 has been added and has now introduced a basic recording function that records html / htm / asp / stm pages and root directory style pages from user navigation. It uses WinDump which uses winpcap.

Only basic functionality at the minute - will require tidying up in future releases hence still not ready for live.

Posted by Thomas Crabtree 2010-04-07

0.4 Added!

Version 0.4 added. Includes a few extra bits of FE functionality - can now be completely controlled by FE or run as command line program.

FE also includes initial forms for displaying results etc... (txt files contain results etc)

Next few versions will look to tidy up existing stuff and then implement the HTTP analyzer / recorder functionality.

Posted by Thomas Crabtree 2010-03-07

0.3 Added!

Version 0.3 has been added. Source and exe included. Version 0.3 includes some basic Front End functionality - basic workspace management and running of tests. Download now!

Posted by Thomas Crabtree 2010-02-28

Pre Alpha - New Release

New release has been added with a couple more features and (almost) structured code etc. Now listed as pre-alpha. Still work to do on getting a working front end. Also need to somehow get a proxy analyzer / recorder to get a list of URL's (plus POST data for more complex sites if possible).

Help needed on getting a proxy recorder!!

Posted by Thomas Crabtree 2010-02-12