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HQSL has moved to code.haskell.org

The new location for HSQL is


which can be downloaded with

darcs get http://code.haskell.org/HSQL/

The new maintainer is Frederik Eaton (frederik@ofb.net)

Posted by Frederik Eaton 2008-03-07

ANNOUNCE: HSQL 1.6 released

I am pleased to announce the HSQL library version 1.6. The HSQL is a simple library, which provides interface to multiple databases. MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQLite and MSI (new) are currently supported.

What is new?

1. HSQL is fully Cabalized.

2. Windows users dont need to have cygwin in order to build HSQL. The old build system was using ./configure script which is replaced with hooks in ./Setup.lhs script.... read more

Posted by Krasimir Andreev 2005-06-18

HSQL 1.2 released

I am pleased to announce the HSQL library version 1.2. The HSQL is a simple library, which provides interface to multiple databases. MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC and SQLite (new) are currently supported.

What is new?

1. The library namespaces are changed as follows:

- The namespace for ODBC is Database.HSQL.ODBC instead of Database.ODBC.HSQL
- The namespace for PostgreSQL is Database.HSQL.PostgreSQL instead of Database.PostgreSQL.HSQL
- The new namespace for MySQL is Database.HSQL.MySQL... read more

Posted by Krasimir Andreev 2004-02-02

ANNOUNCE: HToolkit 1.2 released

Dear Haskellers,

I am pleased to announce HToolkit 1.2 for
Haskell. The HToolkit is a platform independent
package for Graphical User Interface. The package
is split into two libraries GIO and Port. The Port
is a low-level Haskell 98+FFI compatible API, while
GIO is a high-level user friendly interface to Port.
The current release supports all Windows based
platforms and Linux/Unix platforms with GTK/GNOME
toolkit. There are many new features and many
bugfixes. The 1.2 release is a source incompatible
with 1.0 release.... read more

Posted by Krasimir Andreev 2003-10-21

ANNOUNCE: HSQL 1.0 released

Dear Haskellers

I am pleased to announce HSQL 1.0. The package is intended to give access to ostgresSQL,
MySQL and ODBC databases. The HSQL is a part of
HToolkit project but like GIO and Port it can be
distributed as separate bundle.
This is the first public release but as far as I
know the package is already used in some other
projects. I make this release with hope to makes
HSQL more useful and more user friendly for other
people working in Haskell.... read more

Posted by Krasimir Andreev 2003-09-08

Specification for abstract user interface for Windows, GNOME

On the HToolkit web site (section Documentation)
is placed the first draft of the specification for the
future development of HToolkit. The paper is focused on the possibility to develop abstract GUI API which will be able to ensure the native
look & feel on both Windows, GNOME and Aqua
platforms. The specification is not close and will
be extended and/or particularized in the future.
I hope that the ideas explained in the paper will
also be helpful for the Common GUI API

Posted by Krasimir Andreev 2003-08-09

HToolkit 1.0 released

The HToolkit is a package primary intended
for development and designing of platform
independent graphical user interface. The package
gives you an abstract API for many platforms while
for each platform are used only libraries which are
native for the platform. This release supports only
Windows and Linux platforms, but the chosen model
allows support for other platforms. Under Windows
the package use only native Win32 API and under
Linux are used GTK/GNOME libraries. The difference
between HToolkit and most of other libraries is that
the latter uses only controls and dialog elements
which are native under target plaform. The
advantage of this is that the application looks like
more native. Similar model is chosen from
wxWindows for C++ and SWT for Java. The
disadvantage of this libraries is that they are
written in high level languages and this makes
difficult to use them from other languages. The
main part of HToolkit is written in C and the used
model simplifies FFI interface between the HToolkit
core and high level languages (most languages
proposes only FFI to C). The current release gives
only interface to Haskell. There is plan to build GUI
libraries based on HToolkit core for C#, SmallTalk
and Python. ... read more

Posted by Krasimir Andreev 2003-07-22

Updated Web Site

The project has new more user frendly web site. Thanks to my friend Raicho Stanev for the design of the HToolkit logo.

Posted by Krasimir Andreev 2003-07-18

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