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Version 2.0 is licensed under the CPL license. The Eclipse foundation, which is the steward of the CPL's successor, the EPL, states that in their opinion merely linking to EPL software does not create a derivative work. -- http://www.eclipse.org/legal/eplfaq.php#LINK (#26). I wanted to clarify with you that you agree with Eclipse's understanding of the license. My program is not an html parser and as such is not derived, in the common understand of the term, from your project. It does link to your project in that one of our classes calls your classes in order to parse some HTML (overall this is a very small part of our application). I would like to verify with you, the license owner, that in your view this does not create a derivative work which would require our software to be licensed under the CPL.
Thank you,
Michael Zand


  • Derrick Oswald

    Derrick Oswald - 2012-02-10
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  • Derrick Oswald

    Derrick Oswald - 2012-02-10

    In my view, your application, that merely links to the binary jar file of HTMLParser, is not a derivative work, unless the code you are using subclases or derives from HTMLParser classes, thereby extending it.

    In case it helps, HTMLParser is also licensed under LGPL.


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