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PDF Footer

  • Richard

    Richard - 2005-03-14

    Hi Enrico,

         I was trying to use your HTML2FO tool, can you please answer me a quick question: How do we map the footer in the generated FO file back to html file? I know the <title> tag would map to the header part once converted to PDF. But what about the footer? Your app would automatically generate something like "The footer goes here...." or something similar. How can we do in HTML to replace that text? What if I want to display something like "Page N of M" there? I saw you have that feature on your generated PDFs -- how to map this feature back to HTML? Or we will need to handle that manually by updating the FO file after generated by your app?

        Any response would be appreciated.


    • Enrico Schnepel

      Enrico Schnepel - 2005-03-14

      Hello Richard,

      you could setup a footer text in the same way as you could setup the title

              <title> ... </title>
              <footer> ... </footer>

      the text in the footer tag will be put into the footer in the fo and pdf file



    • Richard

      Richard - 2005-03-17

      Thanks Enrico,

           I tried it as you said and it worked like charm. :o)

          Can you tell me how I can implement the "Page m of n" feature in the footer in html?




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