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#1 allow case-sensitive TMPL_VAR names, template_source option



  • Nobody/Anonymous


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    0) bumps version number to 2.01

    1) adds an option to allow case-sensitive parameters
    adds documentation for feature, and tests in

    2) adds yet another way to indicate the template source
    adds documentation for feature, and tests in
    When calling HTML::Template->new()
    Now one can just do
    HTML::Template->new( template_source => $source )
    where $source is an arrarref, a scalarref, a scalar
    indicating the path or filename to a template, or a
    scalar containing an actual template.

    3) adds a tiny hint to documentation for clear_params
    method, indicating possible utility outside of the
    HTML::Template source.

    4) changes to only hardcode each test number in
    one location, to make it easier to copy/paste to make
    new tests.

    #4 I added because I saw what I thought was a copy/paste
    error when looking through In version 2.0, test
    17 has a "not ok 2\n" in it. I *guessed* that this was a
    typo and should have said 17 instead of 2. My patch also
    goes with that guess. If that was incorrect, you'll want
    to be carefull when applying the patch. The change to
    use $test instead of a hardcoded test number should make
    that sort of thing less common (if it was in fact an oops).

    #3 I added because I found a case where I could use that
    method and thought that documenting it might ring a bell
    for others who had some occasion to use it, and just did
    not yet know it.

    #1 and #2 were the real changes, and were added mostly to
    make it easier for folks to write wrapper classes around


  • Sam Tregar

    Sam Tregar - 2004-06-17
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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