#13 ht segfaults when loading specific files


ht-0.8.0pre1 segfaults when loading libc-2.3.2.so
of the debian testing distribution.


  • Sebastian Biallas

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    Is this still a problem?
    If so, please email me the file in question, thanks.

  • P.Marek

    P.Marek - 2004-08-20

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    This is maybe the problem I encounter.
    I tested with 0.8.0 and can't edit the same program again -
    hte crashes on startup.
    If I delete the .htcfg-file it works again. (No, I still
    have it)
    gdb shows a segfault in 0x80ac601, which corresponds to

    80ac5df push 80eeceeh
    80ac5e4 mov eax, [edi+44h]
    80ac5e7 mov [esp+14h], eax
    80ac5eb lea eax, [esp+14h]
    80ac5ef push eax
    80ac5f0 push ebx
    80ac5f1 call dword ptr [edx+50h]
    80ac5f4 mov edx, [edi+40h]
    80ac5f7 add esp, 10h
    80ac5fa test edx, edx
    80ac5fc jz 80ac607h
    80ac5fe mov eax, [edi+44h]
    80ac601 mov [edx+8], edi
    80ac604 mov [edx+0ch], eax
    80ac607 push esi
    80ac608 mov edx, [ebx]
    80ac60a push 80ed21dh
    80ac60f mov eax, [edi+38h]
    80ac612 mov [esp+10h], eax
    80ac616 lea eax, [esp+10h]
    80ac61a push eax
    80ac61b push ebx
    80ac61c call dword ptr [edx+50h]
    80ac61f add esp, 0ch
    80ac622 mov edx, [ebx]
    80ac624 push 80dc576h

    entrypoint 0804a6d8

    This is debian ht 0.7.3-0.1.

    Hope that helps.


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