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htc-py 0.1.8 released

An updated version of the HyperText Converter is out now. It includes a simplified php export filter as well as well as an optimized html library. Furthermore, a full documentation in French was added.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2006-07-02

htc-py 0.1.6 released

Added archive creation (tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2,, zip) - so the generated files can be stored in an archive, automatically.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2004-06-26

htc-py 0.1.5 released

Added php export (extended test version). Updated XML reader interface (works with newer Python releases > 2.2). Uses xml.minidom instead of PyXML that is no longer needed.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2004-06-24

htc-py 0.1.3. released

Code optimization in contents module which follows in better html output. Added content type headline. Updated examples.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2003-08-11

htc-py 0.1.2 released

Code optimization in html and standard module. Added html frame support. Fixed bug in standard module (indentation for content type index_unlinked) and htc module (style of content type text).

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2003-08-04

htc-py.0.1.1 released

Code optimization in htc module. Indentation of subchapters/headlines for better readability. Use colour for navigation bar. Layout optimization for documentation readability.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2003-07-28

htc-py.0.1.0 released

Extended documentation about the file formats used by htc-py. Available in English and German.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2003-07-17

htc-py 0.0.9 released

Added documentation (English, German; as HTML files).

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2003-07-08

htc-py 0.0.8 released

Fixed I/O bugs in contents module and htc main module. Optimized code. Added targets for outer frames.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2003-03-24

htc-py 0.0.7 released

Added css support. Fixed bugs in content module and html module.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2002-12-28

htc-py 0.0.6 released

Added numbering for chapters and headlines - simple numbers, alphanumeric and paragraphs.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2002-12-20

htc-py 0.0.5 released

I added some more output formats for three and four frames as well as quite a few examples.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2002-12-13

htc-py 0.0.4 released

Added frame contents (empty, text, text with headline, index list, unlinked index list). Added output layouts (single frame, frames divided horizontal and vertical). Fixed bugs.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2002-12-06

htc-py 0.0.3 released

I extended verifying the given xml settings file. Wrong data will be corrected and replaced by standard values.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2002-11-21

htc-py.0.0.2 released

New version contains several modules containing functions which belong to a certain task/topic (xml, html, standard functions). Added a xml based settings file.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2002-11-04

htc-py 0.0.1 released

Converting XML data into linked web pages is made easier using htc-py. See homepage for information.

Posted by Frank Hofmann 2002-10-30