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HR-XSL is now inactive

After nearly four years of coding and maintaining HR-XSL, I've decided it's time to move on. I no longer have the interest or energy required to manage this project, due in part to the release of HR-XML 3.0. This project is based on the HR-XML 2.x series, and as near as I can tell, upgrading it to support HR-XML 3.0 will require far more time and effort than I'm willing to invest. Therefore, I'm marking HR-XSL as inactive. I will retain administrator status over the project, but only for the most basic maintenance purposes (e.g., removing spam from the forums). I will no longer be fixing bugs, applying patches, or adding features. If anyone would like to take over as administrator of this project, please contact me.

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2010-02-21

HR-XSL 0.13 released

This release includes various bug fixes and minor enhancements. The build system now requires Ant 1.8.

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2010-02-21

HR-XSL 0.12 released

This release includes support for the Licenses and Certifications portion of HR-XML Resume. Also, the HR-XML distribution is now bundled with HR-XSL, which explains the huge increase in file size. A Dutch translation is included, as well. Thanks to Hilbert Schraal and Guido De Rosa for the patches!

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2007-10-07

HR-XSL 0.11 released

This release includes support for a few more HR-XML Resume elements, as well as updated libraries. Thanks to Nick Chalko and Guido De Rosa for the patches!

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2007-07-18

HR-XSL 0.10.1 released

This release fixes a bug that was eliminating spaces in certain parts of the output. Thanks to Mason Katz for the bug report!

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2007-02-03

HR-XSL 0.10 released

This release includes a completely overhauled customization system that makes changing parameters (such as font size) a little easier and a lot more powerful. For instance, all of the DocBook parameters can now be used. See the Customization section of the HR-XSL documentation for more details.

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2007-01-08

HR-XSL 0.9.1 released

This is a minor update that only includes cosmetic changes to the documentation.

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2006-12-27

HR-XSL 0.9 released

Several new features in this release, including an Italian translation, tidy HTML and XML output, smart build scripts that run only if the output is out of date, and examples of how to choose between A4 and letter sizes. See the changelog for more details.

Thanks to Guido De Rosa for his suggestions and patches!

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2006-11-17

HR-XSL 0.8 released

HR-XSL 0.8 is out. It's mostly a bug-fix release. Thanks to Mark Panahi and Tim Bishop for their bug reports!

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2006-08-13

HR-XSL 0.7 released

0.7 is a major new release of HR-XSL. Dozens of new features, improvements to old features, and bug fixes are included.

The project home page and user documentation have also been completely overhauled.

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2006-07-06

Under new management

Over three years have passed without any new releases from the HR-XSL project, and the current administrators do not respond to email. For these reasons, has approved the Abandoned Project Takeover request by Trevor Harmon. He will take on the roles of administrator and lead developer of the HR-XSL project.

Posted by Trevor Harmon 2006-07-06

HR-XSL 0.3 released

The HR-XSL project provides a library of XSLT scripts that transforms an HR-XML Resume document to XSL-FO document. The resulting XSL-FO document can be further converted to HTML, Text, and PDF.

Release 0.3 is a major milestone in terms of usability and functionality.

Posted by Charles Chan 2003-03-14

HR-XSL Release 0.3

We are pleased to release HR-XSL 0.3. This release is ready for consumption by the masses. User-friendliness is greatly improved. Sample resume and user documentation are also supplied in the distribution.

HR-XSL is a set of XSLT scripts that converts HR-XML Resume specification (SEP 2.0) into presentable formats. It currently uses XSL-FO as the presentation format.

Users and Helpers are greatly appreciated.

Posted by Charles Chan 2003-03-13