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OpenPop.NET 2.0.4 released

This release fixes some bugs regarding Received header lines.
Webpage has been update.
EncodingFinder class created to enable injection of custom Encodings.
More examples added to webpage.
Robustness of Rfc2231 decoding increased.

Note: Removes obsolete methods. Therefore this update is a breaking update (though very easy to fix, as just method names changed).

Posted by foens 2011-10-29

OpenPop.NET 2.0.3 released

This release fixes some bugs and makes the library more robust to non-conforming emails.

Posted by foens 2011-08-26

OpenPop.NET 2.0.2 released

This is just a bugfix release.

Posted by foens 2011-03-22

OpenPop.NET 2.0.1 released

This is mostly a bugfix release. OpenPop.NET 2.0 was a major upgrade but unfortunately some bugs were found, some of which were severe enough to make a new release.

Fixed a bug where _ was being converted to spaces if encoded using QuotedPrintable.
Fixed a bug where special RFC 2231 decoding would fail.
More robust parsing of dates.
More robust parsing of Content-Transfer-Encoding header.
Now sending QUIT when Pop3Client is disposed.
Other small fixes.
Also CAPA command and Cram-Md5 authentication is now supported.
Other small refactorings.

Posted by foens 2011-02-02

OpenPop.NET 2.0

I have been working hard on getting OpenPop.NET to the next release.
There are good things and bad things about this release. We will start with the bad ones.

== TNEF ==
Microsoft's application/ms-tnef encapsulation of attachments is no longer supported.
It is an attachment to an email which can contain multiple message parts inside.
Why is it removed?
There were some issues i OpenPop 1.4 with encoding of characters that were not in the US-ASCII encoding. The problem with the TNEFParser was that it did not decode enough information to see what encoding was used.
If you feel this is a bad thing and have the guts to write such a parser, please contact me.... read more

Posted by foens 2010-12-02

OpenPOP 1.4 Released

Hello OpenPOP users!

I am glad to release to you OpenPOP 1.4.
This is basically a polished version op OpenPOP.

In this version much code has been rewritten, refactored, deleted or changed in some way. The previous version of OpenPOP had highly coupled classes, classes with way too many responsibilities and these classes has been refactored into many new classes with clean-cut responsibilities. There is still room for much more optimizations.
Also, I must mention that on my way through refactoring these classes, many small errors has been fixed.... read more

Posted by foens 2010-07-01

OpenPOP cleanup and refactoring

Hello OpenPOP users.

I would like to tell what I have been doing to the project since I took over the responsibility of it.

About the code:
There has been a major cleanup of code. I have cleaned up code in the MIMEParser project and the POPClient project. The largest cleanup has been done in Messages.cs and POPClient.cs. I have removed some methods, made some private and completely removed some fields. What is even better, seen from the users perspective, is that there is now much better documentation of the methods and fields. This can still be improved though.
I have also re-written some methods so they would be easier to overview and to see what is going on, and therefore also much easier to maintain. I hope that if you, users, find any bugs, that you will now have a much easier time finding the problem at hand or submit a bug report.
In the process of cleaning, I have also found a number of bugs that have now been fixed.
Also, I have to mention that since I have changed signatures, removed fields and just cleaned up a lot, some of you might need to change your code if you want to use this new cleaned up version.... read more

Posted by foens 2010-06-19

OpenPOP.NET v1.3.1 is released

This release introduces SSL support and fixes a major bug when using OpenPOP on Linux with Mono.

Asside from all the code, I, foens, has taken over this near-dead project. I have no knowledge on MIME whatsoever, so if someone out there is a would like to participate in bringing this a step longer, please feel free to send me a message.

The biggest reason why I chose to go into this project, was to add SSL support and fix the Mono bug. If you have other issues need fixing, consider sending the fix or step into the project yourself... read more

Posted by foens 2010-05-26

OpenPOP.NET v1.3 is released

The OpenPOP.NET Project is pleased to announce that the v1.3 release of the OpenPOP.NET and the MIMEParser is now available for immediate download.

We specially introduced a new and robust sample which shows the power of OpenPOP.NET.

You can address OpenPOP.NET here:

Posted by Wilson Chan 2004-06-16

OpenPOP.NET Version 1.3a is ready to serve

OpenPOP.NET Version 1.3a is ready to serve:

This new version including the following major improvements:
1. Lots of known bugs fixed;
2. Adding DateTimeInfo/ReceiveContentSleepInterval/WaitForResponseInterval in POPClient class, ReadPlainTextFromFile in MIMEParser.Utility class;
3. Adding descriptions to every public functions/property/void of every class;
4. Heavily refactored POPClient class (by dteviot);
5. Now with 6 events in POPClient class: CommunicationOccured/CommunicationLost/AuthenticationBegan/AuthenticationFinished/MessageTransferBegan/MessageTransferFinished;
6. More constructors in each class;
7. Renamed DeleteMessages to DeleteAllMessages;
8. Added support for the LIST command (by dteviot);
9. Added explicit destroy to members in every class to solve memory problem;
10.Many functions got rewritten;
11.Added copyrights regarding GPL/LPGL;
12.For detail changes, please visit:

Posted by Wilson Chan 2004-05-26

OpenPOP.NET 1.2 is out

OpenPOP.NET 1.2 has been released. Major changes include

OpenPOP is now seperated into two independant libraries OpenPOP and MIMEParser

The construction for new Message in POPClient class has been modified

New Contructor for Message Class

Code follows hungarian notation now

Posted by Hamid Qureshi 2004-04-24

Sample Application for 1.0.0 beta uploaded

Sample Application for 1.0.0 beta is uploaded. The app accepts login,password and pop server address and retreives messages. You can see individual values of headers, The raw message body and can list and save attachments. Just click on message list to see the corresponding message.

Posted by Hamid Qureshi 2003-10-28

Site Uploaded (No Contents, Just the Design)

The site design is up. Please check and leave comments. There is a problem which hides some elements at 800 * 600 resolution which will be fixed in the final version

Posted by Hamid Qureshi 2003-10-22

Web site design complete

The web site design of the site is complete. Modelled after the site (the one before the latest over haul). The website will be coming up shortly.

Posted by Hamid Qureshi 2003-10-20

Missing features

In a hurry to release OpenPOP.NET certain features such as TOP Command, DELE Command and the QUIT Command were missed out. They will be provided soon in the next beta release.

Posted by Hamid Qureshi 2003-10-20

File Download Problem

Some of the mirror sites are giving trouble. Please use <b>ibiblio</b> or <b>HEAnet</b> mirror for file downloads.

Posted by Hamid Qureshi 2003-10-18

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