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Trust Office Scan 19200 included

see also http://sane-project.org

Have fun

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2006-02-04

Silitek HP-3400C-Clone included

The HP ScanJet 3400c that is a ScanJet-clone manufactured by Silitek Corp. (Lite-On) is now properly detected.
It is also included in the daily sane-snapshot

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2005-02-11


the hp3300backend is now part of SANE (Scanner-Access-Now-Easy).
You can get the latest daily SANE version, patched for these scanners from

unpack the tar.gz by something like


tar -xzvf /path/to/where/the/gz/is/sane-backends-xyz.tar.gz
_____________________________________________________________________________________... read more

Posted by Ullrich Sigwanz 2004-08-30

Development forum renamed

Since most posts on the development forum wereabout how to make the testtool / niash backend work on various set-ups, I decided to rename the forum to 'Help'. :)
Development issues can still be addressed to the mailing list.

Posted by Bertrik Sikken 2002-07-16

Where is the SANE patch?

I removed the SANE patches (well actually I just hid them).

For some time now, the testtool package contains the 'patch-sane.sh' script, that patches the sane-backend sources. Therefore a separate SANE patch is more or less redundant.

To patch SANE now do the following:
1) Download and unpack the testtool and sane-backends source packages
2) Go to the testtool directory and patch sane-backends:
./patch-sane.sh ~/sane-backend-1.0.7
(substitute the proper sane-backend directory)
3) Go to the sane-backend directory and build sane-backends:
make install... read more

Posted by Bertrik Sikken 2002-05-05

SANE 1.0.7 patch released

Another patch for SANE (version 1.0.7) has just been released. It adds a backend called 'niash', named after the main controller chip inside the HP3300/3400/4300 scanners.

Posted by Bertrik Sikken 2002-02-17

First 'niash' SANE patch released

The first patch for SANE (version 1.0.6) has just been released. It adds a backend called 'niash', named after the main controller chip inside the HP3300/3400/4300 scanners.
Although experimental, it can do basic color-calibrated scanning on the HP3300, the HP3400 and HP4300 work too (but the image is stretched vertically and calibration may not work completely OK).
This patch was contributed by Ricardo Martins.

Posted by Bertrik Sikken 2001-12-20

CVS started!

I just imported the testtool files into CVS. This should make it easier for all of us to contribute code / fix bugs etc. For now I created a subdir 'testtool' which contains both the testtool and the experimental SANE backend.

If you know some C and want to contribute, please let me know again and I'll add you as a developer so you can access CVS.

Posted by Bertrik Sikken 2001-11-04

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