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CVS Is Not The Most Up-to-date

CVS has fallen out of date and I'm not currently setup to fix it. If you want the current source you need to download the latest distribution from list of files for the project.

I'll get setup pronto to update the CVS so it will be current as well. That's the correct way to do things.

Posted by John Munsch 2004-03-01

Please get source from CVS, not from downloaded releases

The most current version of the source is _only_ in CVS. There were no source distributions after .93 alpha via .Zip. If people really want it then I might do one for v1.0 but getting the source out of CVS is not exactly hard.

Here is the info on how to get the latest source:

Keep in mind, this is _anonymous_ CVS. You do not need anybody's permission, passwords, or login to grab the source. Enjoy!

Posted by John Munsch 2003-01-22

CVS Updated For Good

Finally, after much promising, I've got CVS hooked up to SourceForge. I will be doing all future development directly against the CVS repository and there won't be anymore lag between what I have on my development machine and what you can get to work with.

Posted by John Munsch 2002-05-30

Status Update

HotSheet is not dead despite the three month pause without a new release. Part of the problem is that I've opened up the patient in too many areas and now I need to do a lot of suturing before we get another release.

Here's a brief summary of what is going on:

1) I'm rewriting the sorting and filtering so that it takes the form of a ListModel. You then embed your real list model inside the sorting/filtering ListModel and attach the JList to the outer one. Whenever the real ListModel updates the outer one creates a mapping that resorts or filters the data in the inner one. (80% done)... read more

Posted by John Munsch 2002-04-03

cvs updated to hotsheet_0_93_alpha

I've updated cvs and tagged all of the changes for hotsheet_0_91_alpha

Posted by Don Thorp 2002-02-06

Yet Another New Release

0.93 alpha is a bug fix release that addresses some long standing problems (not the Jython thing though). It only includes a handful of changed files so you'll need to download 0.92 first so you can lay this over it to have a complete version of the source.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-12-28

Jython And The Next Release

Jython now works superbly but _only_ when HotSheet is invoked from the command line. When run from JNLP the classpath is changed radically in some fashion (custom classloader or who knows what) and Jython doesn't see all the jar files specified to run the application. As a result it doesn't have access to its libraries. Don Thorp will help me on this and we _will_ figure it out sooner or later. BTW, if you think you can help on this please do.... read more

Posted by John Munsch 2001-12-17

cvs updated

cvs had been updated and tagged for hotsheet_0_62_alpha and hotsheet_0_90_alpha.

Posted by Don Thorp 2001-10-24

0.90 alpha Released

See the release notes for details.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-10-23

0.62 alpha Released

The .ZIP file for the 0.62 alpha source is available through the file releases. Unfortunately, I still haven't sat down and figured out how to update CVS directly. I'm part way there but I haven't got it working completely so it may be a few more days before you can get the same thing via CVS.

In the meantime enjoy the savory goodness of 0.62. It is actually so much closer to what I hope to have in version 1.0 that it should probably have a higher version number but I had already stuck 0.62 on it and I decided not to change it.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-09-20

CVS Updated to 0.61 alpha

Assuming I did it correctly, and that's a _big_ assumption given that I'm not exactly a command-line kinda guy, CVS is now up to date with the latest version of the source. I'll be making the switch to working strictly out of CVS within the next couple of days so you can always count on the absolute latest source code being available there.

Of course, zips of stable versions of the source code will be available as always via the release mechanism on SourceForge.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-08-09

cvs updated to 0.60 alpha

cvs has been updated and tagged with hotsheet_0_60_alpha. We are on the road to using CVS more interactively instead of just capturing releases.

Posted by Don Thorp 2001-08-02

Response To Call For Developers

I'm really pleased to say that at this point I've gotten responses from seven developers who have expressed some interest in working on HotSheet. Wow!

To accommodate discussion of development issues for HotSheet I've created a new mailing list which you can sign up for off the SourceForge project page.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-07-30

cvs updated

The 0.52 alpha and 0.53 alpha releases have been added to CVS. They have been tagged hotsheet_0_52_alpha and hotsheet_0_53_alpha respectively.

Posted by Don Thorp 2001-07-02

New Release

There is a new release of the HotSheet source to go with a couple of feature requests that were knocked off. Check the release notes for details.

Also, I don't think my software works on Mac OS X after all. Anybody who wants to install OpenJNLP (also found on SourceForge) and try it would be aces in my book.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-06-26

Compatibilty And Other Measures Of Popularity

I've received reports that HotSheet has been run on Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, and AIX (in addition to Windows where I always run it). That's pretty good cross platform compatability :)

On the popularity front, there were five downloads of the original source and fourteen more since then. That pushed the statistics up to 91% and that puts HotSheet at 134th on the most active list for the last week here at SourceForge. Yay! Hopefully some of the downloaders will be able to use or improve the code.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-05-30

HotSheet added to CVS

Version 0.50 and 0.51 have been imported to CVS. I have not tagged the source yet, but I will before 0.52

Posted by Don Thorp 2001-05-30

Ugh. Apparent SourceForge Problem

I've been trying to make a source release of HotSheet (0.51 Alpha) available for a while but I'm getting nowhere. The release notes are out there but I can't get the file to connect to the release. Anyway, as soon as I get it going I'll let you know.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-05-27

Released 0.5 Alpha Source

I went ahead and released the 0.5 alpha code through the file release method while we try to figure out CVS and SourceForge.

I wanted people who were interested in developing to be able to get started.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-05-25

HotSheet Development Begins Move To

I began the development move to SourceForge today. Hopefully within the week everything will be available within CVS so anyone who wishes to use parts of HotSheet or expand the existing project may do so.

Posted by John Munsch 2001-05-20

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