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HotSAX-0.1.2c Released

Added org.xml.sax.* classes which removes the need for Xerces dependencies
Updated HotSAX-buildtools to contain JFlex.jar and BeanShell (bsh-1.2a.jar)
Fixed small bug in build.xml

Posted by Ed Howland 2002-05-04

Cvsgrab - Grab CVS snapshots

Ludovic Claude has submitted cvsgrab. This is a combination of BeanShell and HotSAX that can grab CVS snapshots or a single file from any ViewCVS server. This is quite handy if you are behind a corporate firewall and can't access anonymous CVS.

The test script included grabs the HotSAX project from the SourceForge ViewCVS server.

Cvsgrab is in the HotSAX-contrib package.

Posted by Ed Howland 2002-04-06

User contributions added

The HotSAX user contributions package is now online. The first contribution is cvsgrab by Ludovic Claude. Cvsgrab will grab files from a ViewCVS server even if you are behind a corporate firewall and can't get them via normal anon cvs.

Posted by Ed Howland 2002-04-05

HotSAX Build Tools online

Finally got around to collecting these and uploading them. If you want to use Ant to rebuild the project, the various jars and executables are in here. See HotSAX-buildtools in the project files area.

Posted by Ed Howland 2001-08-17

HotSAX-0.1.2 Release

This is a prerelease prior to the 0.2 milestone. Notable are bug fixes, parser redux, SemanticLexer to parse script and style tags like XHTML CDATA. Build mechanism changed to Ant. User Manual rewritten in DocBook XML and styled with XSL.
Also removed external jar files (beanshell, xerces.) These will be uploaded in a separate package.
See the Release Notes and the CHANGES file for details.

Posted by Ed Howland 2001-08-09

HotSAX-0.1.1 Released. New Features + Bugs dead

HotSAX Release 0.1.1 has been released.

HotSAX is the lightweight, fast, embeddable HTML-friendly SAX parser. HotSAX is what you need to uncomplicate your HTML parsing chores.

This version fixes a number of bugs related to parsing unquoted attribute values. Values like CGI name/value pairs in unquoted hrefs confused the earlier version.

HotSAX now correctly handles CDATA blocks. Angle bracket markup within does not affect it. The correct event stream is now passed to org.xml.sax.ext.LexicalHandler.... read more

Posted by Ed Howland 2001-07-01

HotSAX 0.1 uploaded to SourceForge servers

Tarball and CVS files uploaded. All are available on the project page. Web site is under development.

Posted by Ed Howland 2001-06-17