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There is a 'brother' project of ours :-)

Have a 2.4 kernel not supported by hotmnt?
Try the new hot-plug project:
It supports icons on any X-window-manager.

Posted by Stevan C. 2007-04-02

Atention to everyone please:

volunteer for stress-testing the beta release?
please visit:
for info and support
feedback is welcome

Posted by Stevan C. 2006-10-24

Roger & online

It's been a while now.
The code has undergone several monts of stress testing on my good ol' laptop and few workstations...
Now it's time to test it public. Download, review, install and use.
Since it's GPL feel free to ask, but don't expect labor in vain...

Posted by Stevan C. 2006-10-23 Reload (brand new code) ;-)

The new code in on line.
Interested may peek on the packages...
New way of configuration in /etc/fstab
New manager in /sbin/hotmnt

Comming soon:
Even more news,
Stay tuned... ;-)

Posted by Stevan C. 2006-09-08

The boots are on :-)

I'm feel like crying, finaly made thru the filerelease process...
The initial (poorly tested) 0.2.1-beta release is here.
Its for slackware tested on 10.2 and current with 2.6.x family of kernels.
feedback will be very welcome.

Posted by Stevan C. 2006-09-05