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Looking for ideas

The Hoster project is currently evaluating many new ideas for the creation of the 0.2 CVS fork. Here are the current ideas that are evaluated :

- Users and user rights administration

- Sharing/Exportation of the user/domain database to popular control panels

- Possibility to create reseller accounts

- Translation of the application in many languages

You just thought of anything else ? Go ahead and contact us !

Posted by Luc Boudreau 2005-11-30

CVS access now enabled

The latest Hoster sources are now on the project CVS. Feel free to grab the latest build !

Posted by Luc Boudreau 2005-10-30

Hoster 0.1.1a released !

Allright, our first release. Sure, it's only alpha but were close to beta testing. Try it now and feel free to give comments and report bugs !!

Posted by Luc Boudreau 2005-10-21