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Almost complete/Apology!!

The HoNChat+ program is almost complete, having almost all of the features of HoN in-game chat. Now all that is needed to be done is some wide-spread testing!

BUT, on a side note, I apologize to anyone looking for the source to the program. I only just recently realized that the win32 source of the program was not being properly packed into the zip files! Unfortunately, the specific source of past versions cannot necessarily be salvaged, but it is essentially the same source as the linux client, with only a different Makefile (for the most part).
My sincere apologies once again!

Posted by Alex Franchuk 2009-12-03

HoNChat+ GUI version released!

The GUI version of HoNChat+ has been released for both Linux and Windows. There are still a couple of features that are not available, like buddy and clan list and other little changes. But have no fears, they will be added soon!
The project is still undergoing rapid development, so just wait and see what comes next! :D

Posted by Alex Franchuk 2009-11-16

CLI Version Released/GUI update to come

A week ago the CLI version of the HoNChat+ client was released. I am working very hard to push out the GUI version, for both windows and linux. At the moment I actually have a pretty stable gui version for linux, which can be found in the subversion, but I am having difficulties cross-compiling to windows. But as soon as I get gtk to cross-compile, it will be there.

I am also currently adding in essentially all the features of the in-game client, such as stat lookup and buddy list, and all that good stuff. So it may take a little while! But I will be making another release upon getting the GUI working for windows as well, and if you are interested for a more up to date version, the subversion will always have it!

Posted by Alex Franchuk 2009-11-13