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Homebak 4.3 pre-release will come soon

There may be soon the first pre-release of version 4.3.1 Beta. I need to test a lot (even for such a little program like HomeBak is), and also I am using now git for version control system, and it makes really fun to work with git.

Posted by Werner Süß 2009-03-03

Homebak 4.x series News II

After a long time, I began to work on version 4.3, where I will reform the sourcecode absolutely new, because the old code structure is sooo obsolete. I am thinking about using threads for calling the archive-binary. This may have advantages and disadvantages - we'll see, what fits best.

Posted by Werner Süß 2008-12-25

HomeBak: 4.2.0b released!

A (background-running) backup system for Win32 (homebak) or Linux (clbp) to save either several directories or whole drives using one or more config-files; creates one or more backup-files. Uses wincron (Win32-version) like Un*x/Linux crond.

after a buggy 4.2.0 you should use this 4.2.0b release now. It contains no GUI for creating configurations files , only the perl-exe that you may use with:
(for example "makeconf.exe c:\\etc") ... read more

Posted by Werner Süß 2008-07-16

HomaBak 4.2.0 released! (w32/arj)

Added a small GUI for extraction of arj archives created with the HomeBak.
GUI was written in C++/QT4.


Posted by Werner Süß 2008-07-08

News !

=HomeBak arj32=

We plan to release the next version of HomeBak for Windows (the ARJ32-version). It will include a GUI for extracting arj-archives, written in C++/QT. The perlcode should be cleaned up an include new errorhandling.

= HomeBak 7z =

We are working on a bugfix (see open bugs) for the problem with multible directories.
For now you should use HomeBak with arj-compression.


Posted by Werner Süß 2008-07-02

HomeBak (7zip) v1.0.2 released

Fixed Bug. ID:1910494 Topic:7-Zip warning error: [drive]:\System Volume Information\

Posted by Werner Süß 2008-03-10

HomeBak (7-Zip) v1.0.1 pre released

Hello all!
This is the first release of HomeBak
that uses 7-Zip for creating archives
instead of arj.
in testing stage it worked fine.
Please report any bugs to me:

Have a nice day :)

Posted by Werner Süß 2008-03-08

HomeBak (Linux) v1.2rc2 released

Only some minor changes in this release.

Posted by Werner Süß 2008-03-07

HomeBak (7-Zip) Alpha pre-release

Portet homebak/arj to a version
that uses Sevenzip (7-Zip)
(means 7z.exe)
for creating archives.

This is for testing purposes.

Posted by Werner Süß 2008-03-06

HomeBak 4.1.0 beta released

see release notes for details

Posted by Werner Süß 2008-02-22

HomeBak (Linux) V1.2 released.

The new HomeBak for Linux/i386 was

Posted by Werner Süß 2007-09-23

HomeBak 4.0.0 Beta released!

Hello All!

Finaly I released this beta release that uses
only blat for sending emails anymore. You
can configure if Homebak should use AUTH-Login for
sending emails or not.

This release is still Beta, so please let
me know when you found any bugs.
But it shoudl work fine.
I will continue testing.


Posted by Werner Süß 2007-09-06

HomeBak 3.0.0-b (AUTH-Login) released!

There was a smal bug that could
be fixed now while sending
the logfile after a backup was created.

Posted by Werner Süß 2007-08-05

HomeBak 3.0 (authlogin) released!

I released now a version that uses "blat" (www.blat.net) for sending emails. Blat uses the AUTH LOGIN mechnism
for authentication on the emailserver.
So it is possible now to send emails for example
via an emailprovider like GMX.

If you do not need AUTH LOGIN you should use the
Win32/arj distribution of HomeBak.

Please report any bugs to me:

Posted by Werner Süß 2007-08-04

Homebak 2.2.2 (w32/arj) released.

Fixed perl warning messages.
(line357 SUBJECT)
(line408 LAST)

I did not test the installer,
but there should be no problem
with it.

Posted by Werner Süß 2007-08-04

HomeBak 2.2.1 : fixed bug

The bug is fixed now. There was a system-call, that
always returnes 0, so the process always dies
by 'system() || or die '

Posted by Werner Süß 2007-01-07

HomeBak 2.2.1 : Bug

Theres a bug in 2.2.1
Will be fixed soon!
See the bug tracking system for details

Posted by Werner Süß 2007-01-06

HomeBak 2.2.1 released

New code added. Old archies from the $maindir will be saved in c:\temp\$archname.$i[0-999] now and
wont be lost anymore. Remember, this archives are not the backuparchives ;-) These still take place in your $backupdir.

Posted by Werner Süß 2007-01-06

clbp 1.0 released

Released a new version of the small backupscript
clbp (cute little backup program)
Note: this script was designed only for root.

Posted by Werner Süß 2007-01-01

HomeBak 2.1.0 released

* Using ARJ32 now, please visit arjsoftware.com
for further informations
* Using an inno-installer now
* Creates autostart and startmenue entries

Posted by Werner Süß 2006-12-29

HomeBak 2.0.5b

* You can work now with different configuration files and create different backups.
Example: hb205.exe c:\etc\_other_config_file_than_the_default.pl

Posted by Werner Süß 2006-06-06

Homebak 2.0.5b released.

* When an error accours a window pops up
* Showing logfile with notepad when process finished * arj v2.84 added
* testing archive after process
* testing archive after copied it to destination

Posted by Werner Süß 2006-05-05

Homebak 2.0.5 released.

New version 2.0.5 of Win32/arj-version released.
It contains now a test of the new created archive
and the backu-copy with arj.exe.

Posted by Werner Süß 2006-05-02

Homebak 2.0.4 b released

Includes bmail.exe again.
Includes installer.exe written in perl.

Posted by Werner Süß 2006-03-29

New win32/arj - version released

The release 2.0.4 is a beta release and comes
without an installer. It also includes VB.5 and VB.NET source (and binaries) .

Posted by Werner Süß 2006-02-28

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