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Version released

Detailed overview about Google Calendar synchronization reasons and contents to be transferred.
Blank data lines can be exported for dates with no holy masses.

Posted by Koviš 2017-02-02 Labels: release

Version released

    - synchronization of mass data with GoogleCalendar(s) enabling Android mobile modifications and in the terrain intention gathering
    - export can use new column "Short date"
    - export dialog can use "Next week" as date range

Killer feature of this feature is of course the both-direction synchronization with GoogleCalendar.
This enables you to prepare intentions, publish them on the web. Whoever will be assigned the rights to change web entries can assign new intention or change original one and changes can be applied back to your local data on PC.

Posted by Koviš 2017-01-28

Version released

New version with minor improvements
+ move sets of services to different date/time - handy thing I needed
+ program handles well opening of associated data files (after clicking data file it is also opened) - reported bug that file associations did not work well
+ sample of XML output customization that produces formatted HTML table - one user needed to produce customized output for WordPress - script in customization/lipuvka.rb does that
+ Delete key deletes the calendar entry
+ migration to recent version of user interface toolkit Qt 5.4.1

Posted by Koviš 2015-04-22 Labels: RELEASE


New version was released which is connected mostly with packaging issues -
for the UNIX installations and in the end also for Windows is fine to have separated
translation, documentation and holiday data from the binaries.
Also migration to recent Qt 5.2 toolkit took part.

    - build and installation prepared for split installation folders
    - RPM and Debian installation packages
    - holiday definition from different sources stack up correctly
    - migration to recent version of user interface toolkit
Posted by Koviš 2014-02-25 Labels: Release version released

Mostly user comments incorporated
- it is possible to export holiday column
- church abbreviation field added into church definition and reports
- option to exclude intention texts from web locator export
- troublesome selection of clients beginning with the same letter fixed

Posted by Koviš 2013-01-06 Labels: Release

Web with project translations

Now anybody who feels some translation phrase is not appropriate can come to web http://locatechurch.appspot.com under tab "Translations" you can find your phrase, write down correction and confirm with "Submit" button down the page.
With next release the correction should be included.

Posted by Koviš 2012-04-04 released

Patch release with important fix released
- in one program run only the first record modification has been stored, not the following ones, the bug was lurking there since very beginning
- fixed backup archivation frequency

Posted by Koviš 2012-02-29

Bug hunted down

Long lurking bug in storage code that made repeated modifications of one item ineffective has been found and fixed. Release will follow soon.

Posted by Koviš 2012-02-28

Android client in the Android Market

Posted by Koviš 2012-01-26

Android client software

First version of Android installation package added to download area.
Whoever sends his data to the web, can use retrieve the data into mobile phone

Posted by Koviš 2012-01-15 released

This version mainly contains support for collaboration with web application http://locatechurch.appspot.com
New menu "Web" contains export of holy masses that can be sent to the web site.
Also user registration is fully working.

Posted by Koviš 2011-12-16

User registration possible on the web

contains web application under construction, user registration can be already used.
Registered users will be informed about new releases.

Posted by Koviš 2011-12-02

1,0,0,20 released

New version has been released with following features:
- generator run undo/redo
- added flag for relaxed time assignment
- added recording of received money and its summarization
- added "Add holiday" ability to calendar cell context menu
- removed distracting year season coloring on month labels

Posted by Koviš 2011-11-15

Project service website

As I feel debt to the foreign language users who use the software with clumsy translations (hello to Brazilia and Spain), a website is being prepared that enables
a) easily contribute even a handful of the translations / corrections
b) experimental church/mass location service, maybe in time accompanied with mobile application
c) user registration

As soon as I have something workable there, I will announce it

Posted by Koviš 2011-11-14

Soon new version will be released

New version with generator run undo-redo,
registration of mass stipendia will be released

Posted by Koviš 2011-10-28 released

- italian and german translation revised
- spanish machine translation added

Posted by Koviš 2011-04-30

Spain machine translation being added

facing number of downloads from spanish-speaking countries
I am adding the google-translation generated - bad - translation

Posted by Koviš 2011-03-13

Italian translation arrived

Yup, Italian translation is done and committed.
Though I would like to wait with release until I do at least some small feature, drop me message if you need the corrected italian translation any soon.

Posted by Koviš 2011-01-14

Italian and French being prepared

Italian and French translation is being prepared nowadays, but the delivery date is unclear. Slightly more probable is delivery of Italian one.

Posted by Koviš 2011-01-05 released

New version released, features"
- incremental client search in detail screen
- smart focus in service detail screen
- czech holidays definition file until 2030
- updated documentation
- user interface for local holiday management

Posted by Koviš 2010-12-31

help wanted - translations welcome

I would like to encourage users that lack their native language support to contribute a translation.
I have added some machine translations, but I can feel they are not good enough. Especially spanish, russian or chinese translation would be very welcome.

Posted by Koviš 2010-11-23 released

- added forgotten DLL into windows install kits
- added experimental italian and portuguese translation
- it is possible to define 3 sunday services in weekly template

Posted by Koviš 2010-11-22

Portuguese and Italian translation?

Due to popularity in portuguese speaking countries, I decided to provide at least miserable, experimental protuguese translation

Along with few more improvements :-) It comes often that there are two sunday services in the church. Maybe Ui for holidays definitions?

Posted by Koviš 2010-11-19 released

The version has been released now, the new features are not visible in docs yet
- improved tooltip over multiple services shows all services
in a cell as bulleted list
- not-yet translatable UI text made translatable
- common christian holidays (Christmas, Eastern) visible in a cell
- support for user-defined holidays and other date related events
- client contains new field called "contact"
for phone/email/whatever contact information (file format extended)
- in service detail service history can be viewed
- historical intentions of a client now shows record over entire
client history
- export into clipboard in *Office application compatible format
- export into OpenOffice document
- fixed bug causing that All churches/All priests selection
was not saved between program runs
- archivation of data file every week, dearchivation command in File

Posted by Koviš 2010-11-17

version looms

Hi there,
based on feedback new version is about to be created
* common christian festive days (Eastern, Christmas) visible in calendar tooltip
* office application clipboard export, OpenOffice export
* improved offering of historical intentions
* some not translatable but visible items made translatable
* client contains contact (phone) number

Posted by Koviš 2010-11-14

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