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Major script exploit found in 0.1.0 tree!

A major bug was reported to me today with regards to an exploit utilizing the daemons ability to seperate commands with a semi-colon. I won't go into detail to much, but suffice it to say, it's quite nasty. If you are using the CVS version, please update to the latest version of hlds-mon once I get it commited. I'm going to check the release version for the same bug and correct that if it exists there.... read more

Posted by MorDecai 2000-12-15

0.2.0 features

These are some things I am shooting for in 0.2.0, I would really prefer some suggestions/comments regarding this.

1) Colorizing configuration. Yes, my eyes are not yours, I understand that, but this is a little more of an ordeal than I want to put the effort into for 0.1.0 - those familiar with BBS systems will be very happy with our pipe coded color setup. (which is what we implement internally)... read more

Posted by Erik Hollensbe 2000-12-09

0.1.0 near release

Ok, 0.1.0 is pretty much done, there are some minor bugs to work out, mainly to do with the new wonid tracking.

Major features in 0.1.0 include:
Improved Console Reporting - Items are now delimited with a 4 character identifier, color codes (for those with colors toggled), and the data pre-formatted. Items that are not parsed use NAME as the identifier

WONID based persistent tracking - From now on, all TK's will be tracked by wonid, and are expired only if the player is online. If a player disconnects, and reconnects, TK's are maintained and are only reset if the user is banned or the script is terminated. So far we have not seen any issues with the memory usage IRT the (significantly) increased hash size this creates. Currently though, there are issues with users who share a WONID, as forgive tk/show tk are not working as expected in those cases... read more

Posted by Erik Hollensbe 2000-12-09

0.1.0 and initial 0.0.1 'release'

0.1.0 is in alpha, and shouldn't contain any major caveats now.

we should be releasing a tarball of 0.0.1 in a few days. check freshmeat for an announcement, or here.

Posted by Erik Hollensbe 2000-11-16

Notes regarding 1.5 snap of 0.0.1

I forgot something very important in the CVS log:

R_TKTOTAL is actually compared now.

Posted by Erik Hollensbe 2000-08-25

Code update for 0.0.1, 0.1.0 news

There has been a small code update for the 0.0.1 tree, some speed optimizations (not that most people can really tell though), a new 'show tk' command, some more configurability, and a few bugfixes.

Read the CVS logs for more information.

Also, it should be noted, that we are not 'releasing' anything in the traditional sense until 0.1.0 (read below) is finalized. So, stay tuned or have a blast with CVS. :) ... read more

Posted by Erik Hollensbe 2000-08-21


We're looking forward to working with everyone and would like to take the opportunity to thank SourceForge and VA Linux for allowing us to use the wonderfull resources they've made available.

Look for great things to come soon! :)

Posted by MorDecai 2000-08-18