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The second release of the hl7 library

I have updated the specification documenation and implemented over half of the specification for the C version of the HL7 library. This code is nearly usable.

The only hard function that is left to code is the hl7rawput and hl7rawinsert. And the only difference between these two functions is that the insert will add a new next after the designated location and insert its string there, while the put will overwrite the existing values starting from the given location.... read more

Posted by James M. Rogers 2000-02-10

Simple HL7 Library is released.

This project is not going to be a real popular site, because the subject is a little dry and esoteric. But if you have ever gone to a large hospital then chances are your patient information was sent using an HL7 network.

There are very few free HL7 resources on the internet. But there are a lot of custom coded applications and proprietary solutions available. This is an attempt to provide a solution that is both standard and free.... read more

Posted by James M. Rogers 2000-02-01