multiple user write permission?

  • Smed

    Smed - 2009-06-02

    Hi, how do you give multiple users simultaneous write permission? Right now, if user1 has write permission and gives user2 permission, user1 then loses write permission.

    Is there a solution to this problem?


    • Jean-Francois Poilpret

      Hello Smed, sorry for not answering earlier but messages to this forum have not been forwarded to my private email.

      To answer your question, no, HiveBoard doesn't support more than one writer at a time. Write permission must be granted to someone either:
      1- by the board moderator
      2- by the current writer
      3- by the system when there is no moderator logged in and no current writer

      Whether some cases are applicable or not to a board, depend on the type of the board (set at creation time but can be modified also by the board moderator).

      There is no plan to change that (that was an original decision at the time HiveBoard was designed). What could be potentially added in the future (but I can't give any plan right now) is a 4th option that consists in allowing the first requester to get the write permission automatically (and immediately), but there would be a high risk of "anarchy" within such a board!

      Cheers, Jean-Francois


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