Stilez - 2014-04-30

To update - I know that this relates to macros, new in 2.3. The issue is, that I haven't ever used macros here, and it's not clear why macros are enabled. If they are needed for standard functions then the warning becomes unhelpful as any use gets the same warning, so it's giving no information. It's just not clear if macros are used for default functions (if so surely built-in functions shouldn't give a DANGER popup) or just for extra user-defined ones.

Shouldn't HFS be able to validate (hash-check?) its own "known" macros, that come built-in, if any? Or have macros been auto-added or added by others, without my being aware of it? Which macros is it warning about, or is this macros in general?

You see why this seems an unhelpful message. At a minimum, perhaps HFS could handle it more gracefully:

1) be clear if macros are used to provide built in functions, advanced functions only, or user defined ones - by recognising its own default/built-in macros and not alerting if those are all that's found, and making it easy to find which built-in functions won't work if built-in macros are disabled.

2) if other (non-standard) macros do exist, provide a more useful warning than huge !!!!!DANGER!!!!!...? For example, it could state what macros were found, or state if a new macro or modified macro was detected.

3) HFS could also be bit more helpful to newcomers who will have no idea what the message means. For example: - "HFS allows macros to be created that can execute many file system commands. Your install of HFS has unrecognised macros loaded. Please check your macros carefully using (Menu->?) to confirm they are as intended, and secure. Alternatively please disable or delete them if unsure."

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