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HessianKit 1.0.1 release

HessianKit 1.0.1 minor revision addressing defects is available for immediate download.

Posted by Fredrik Olsson 2008-09-06

HessianKit 1.0 final

HessianKit 1.0 Final Release is available for immediate download.

Changes since 1.0rc:
* Classes and Protocols are resolved according to documentation.

Posted by Fredrik Olsson 2008-08-09

HessianKit 1.0rc available

HessianKit 1.0 Release Candidate is available for immediate download.

Changes since 1.0beta:
* Cocoa Framework target.
* Better memory management.
* Support for NSXMLNode (Not available for Cocoa Touch).
* Naming convention according to Cocoa guidelines.
* Bug fixes.

Posted by Fredrik Olsson 2008-07-21

HessianKit 1.0beta available

HessianKit, an implementation of the Hessian binary web service protocol for Objective-C 2.0 has now been released under Apache License 2. An introduction and examples of usage has been added to the caucho wiki at:

It is available for Mac OS X 10.5, iPhone OS 2.0, and later. The three main goals are:
* To be as compliant and forgiving as possible.
* Provide seamless Objective-C experience against web services implemented in Java.
* Avoid glue-code.... read more

Posted by Fredrik Olsson 2008-07-10