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BugFix-Release 1.12

Visible changes in version 1.12 are very few.
It is mainly a BugFix-Release considering the export of projects with empty/not-set translations.

Beside that it contains several code changes in the background that should not affect the frontend as it is. Those changes are just part of my effort to strengthen the separation of concerns (user interface and its logic). This should simplify the process of creating an alternate user interface such as a web frontend and thereby enabling smartphones and tablets to use HermeneutiX as well.
But this is still work in progress and I cannot promise anything at this point.

Posted by Carsten 2014-10-31

Release 1.1

As promised, the last Release for 2013: version 1.1
In addition to some internal refactorings and small bug fixes are some new features:

  • folding/collapsing of relations in the semantical analysis view (better overview with longer texts)
  • colored highlighting of commented elements in syntactical and semantical analysis view
  • internalize file containing user preferences into Mac OS X Application Bundle (no change in portable distribution)
  • subsequent manipulation of analyzed origin text:
    • prepend/append additional origin text
    • prepend/append a second project (e.g. for collaborative work)
    • remove parts of the origin text (propositions)
Posted by Carsten 2013-12-18

Release 1.0

The first official non-beta release contains only a few changes compared to the last beta version.
It does not really call for a major release besides the fact that we finally determined how to handle the matter of the help section. Admittedly we solved it rather evasive by just linking to external help sources such as the SourceForge project wiki. But in this way we manage to keep it up to date and might lure you to visit us here from time to time.

Posted by Carsten 2013-12-04

Minor Release v0.932

the only difference to 0.931 is the added "-Xmx1024m" VM option in the Unix, Mac and Windows launchers

Posted by Carsten 2012-04-25

Minor Release v.0931

improved SVG export:
fixed the right-to-left orientation (which is not supported by all browsers in the specified way)
more export settings (available under the 'print' option section) for highlighting parts in different colors

Posted by Carsten 2012-04-20

Minor Release v0.93

Finally: full SVG export functionality for syntactical as well as semantical analysis.
Next: additional export settings (a few are currently available under the 'print' option) for highlighting parts in different colors

Posted by Carsten 2012-04-11

New Minor Release: v0.91

Including the first export possibility: Generating a HTML representation of the semantical analysis. (In progress: export of the syntactical analysis)

Posted by Carsten 2011-04-02

New Minor Release

To improve the teaching usability:
It is now possible to increase or decrease the font size of the text in the label, translation, syntactical function and commentary fields.

Posted by Carsten 2010-08-21

Windows-Executable contained

Finally with the help of "Launch4J". Now for every new version available: an .exe-Launcher (contained in the Runnable-JAR .zip).

Posted by Carsten 2010-06-30

New Minor-Release v0.9 BETA

A few reported Bugs are fixed.
We appreciate any feedback on occurring bugs or possible improvements on the usability and we got new help for the export function.
Thanks to Carsten Z. for that.

Posted by Carsten 2010-06-29