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qmail-qusee moved to another project

qmail-qusee has been moved to Helios qmail distribution project - http://sourceforge.net/projects/helios-qmail/.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2004-01-02

openwebmail-smtpauth moved to another project

OpenWebmail SMTP AUTH patch was moved to Helios qmail distribution (http://sourceforge.net/projects/helios-qmail/) project.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2004-01-01

SourceBuild v. 0.3 released

This is the new stable (really) version of SourceBuild. Some bugs have been fixed and new features added. Installer has been totally rewritten.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-12-30

checkpassword-helios moved to another project

checkpassword-helios has been moved to 'Helios qmail distribution' (helios-qmail) project and renamed to checkpassword-helios.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-12-30

qmail-helios moved to another project

I decided to move qmail-helios to 'Helios qmail distribution' project (http://sourceforge.net/projects/helios-qmail/), because I think it`s mature enough.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-12-29

qmail-helios 0.6 released

Added PostgreSQL support and moved some Spamcontrol functionality (badhelo, helodnscheck, mfdnscheck, maxrecipients, maxbouncerecipients and tarpitting) to QUSEE modules.

This is probably the last release as part of the Helios project.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-12-25

qmail-helios v. 0.5 is out

Added support for IMAP (BINC IMAP) and SSL/TLS connections in POP3, SMTP and IMAP (stunnel 4).

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-12-21

qmail-helios v. 0.4 released

News - added support for maildrop filter, antivirus and antispam scanners, mail notifications, duplicate mails elimination and forwards.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-12-19

qmail-helios v. 0.3 released

Helios qmail distribution v. 0.3 is out.
Some bugfixes were made and queue filtering support through qmail-qfilter was added.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-12-13

openwebmail-smtpauth v. 2.21 released

The patch for OpenWebmail v. 2.21 which enhances it`s SMTP AUTH functionality has been just released.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-11-28

qmail-helios v. 0.1 released

I`m proud to announce first release of qmail-helios, a modified version of very popular qmail mail server which supports qmail-sql, SMTP-AUTH, qmail-qusee and many others.

This version doesn`t support any antivir or antispam filters, but they will be supported in future releases.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-11-25

checkpassword-helios v. 0.1

Helios project started a new package called checkpassword-helios.

This is a combo-patch to original checkpassword v. 0.90 by D.J. Bernstein to support qmail-sql (MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC), POP3 (APOP and plain) SMTP AUTH (CRAM-MD5, PLAIN, LOGIN) and logging user`s last login with it`s IP address.

It has also a nice installer which can done the job for you :).

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-11-24

SourceBuild v. 0.2 released!

I`m very proud to announce that SourceBuild v. 0.2 has been finally released. Many, many changes were made - port structure has been completely changed, port now can consist of many elements, srcbuild and autosrcbuild have been completely rewritten and now they have many new features.

If you want to know more, have a look at the ChangeLog or to the Documentation section, where you can find updated README and HOWTO in english and polish.... read more

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-11-15

Helios CMS

Dzisiaj zostala zamieszczona pierwsza wersja rozwojowa Helios CMS. Co prawda jeszcze nie dziala w pelni, ale juz niedlugo kto wie... :-)

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-10-13


Dokumentacja projektu zostala zamieszczona w postaci paczki - 'docs'.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-10-13

SourceBuild (sbuild) v. 0.1 !

Z przyjemnoscia moge oglosic ze nasz projekt "urodzil" system automatycznie aktualizujacych sie portow - SourceBuild.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-10-13

Poszerzenie projektu

'Helios CMS' zmienia nazw? na po prostu 'Helios'. Od dzi? jest to ca?y projekt maj?cy na celu rozbudow? (a w zasadzie przebudow?) systemu informatycznego IV LO w Bytomiu. Dlatego w sk?ad projektu wchodzi teraz front-end - 'Helios CMS', ktry zostanie wzbogacony o modu?y do administrowania back-endem - serwerami WWW, E-MAIL, DNS, NFS, bazy danych i innych. Postaci? ostateczn? b?dzie jedna (lub kilka) paczek ktre po zainstalowaniu zamieni? Twojego Linuxa (BSD/UNIXa) w prawdziwy kombajn internetowy :D.

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-09-15

Hello, world! ;-)

Witam w Helios CMS! Pierwsza wersja juz niedlugo...

Posted by Pawel Foremski 2003-09-05

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