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the long awaited beta

Good news, everyone!
hcrond-0.3 is here, in 2 mutations: 0.3.2 and 0.3.2-nopid. The difference is that the -nopid version is stripped of pidfile support and it's the version for you if the other one tends to segfault on start. The big news common for these 2 versions is that (aside from the pidfile issue) I haven't heard of it crashing, also running under different UIDs/GIDs and with different nice values is supported now. Also it reloads config on SIGHUP but know that with a limit on the number of running processes, some task may be marked as done even if they're not when SIGHUP or any fatal signal is received.
Next version will feature a priority queue thus being a little faster and fixing the above problem.
Merry Xmas, Hanuka and Hogswatch!

Posted by Anonymous 2006-12-30