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New 2.0 Branch

HBA API people:

Several items:
1) There is a new file in the fibre-channel directory on the SNIA ftp site:
This file tells you a little about how to find the HBAAPI developement kit at SourceForge (comments welcome).

2) The original code checked in at SourceForge was tagged with "V10". Ben had made a few revisions to that code, so I tagged the most recent code as "V1_1" (I like separators, and you may not use a period).... read more

Posted by Benjamin F. Kuo 2001-11-14

Updated source release

I have uploaded source for the HBA API libraries which now include the correct SNIA license, due to confusion over the previous license statements. In addition, some minor changes (removed printfs) have also been included.

Posted by Benjamin F. Kuo 2001-09-19

Initial source code added

The source code for the 01/09/2001 drop of the HBA API common code and sample has been added to CVS.

Posted by Benjamin F. Kuo 2001-09-07