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HavokMUD status update

HavokMUD is back at sourceforge as our main development repository. The work on the SQL branch is being continued elsewhere and perhaps will be merged back in someday. For now we are continuing development here. Current plans are for cleaner code, ships and map systems, and a specialist class system. HavokMUD is currently hosted at havok.beirdo.ca 6969 and developed at havok.mudhost.org (various ports).

Posted by Anthony Cagle 2008-02-29

HavokMUD has moved

The primary user of this codebase has moved to a new server. We thank the previous host for his generosity, but we are moving in a direction not easily supported there.

The new server is at:
havok.mudhost.org port 6969

See you there.

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2004-07-25

HavokMUD has an IRC channel

I've just created an IRC channel for communications about the HavokMUD codebase and about the primary MUD user of it (also called HavokMUD).

You can find the channel on the Freenode IRC network, channel #havokmud. If your client doesn't list the network, use server irc.freenode.net port 6667.

Or if your browser is IRC-aware: irc://irc.freenode.net/havokmud.

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2004-07-06

HavokMUD is going SQL

I am proud to announce that HavokMUD is well on its way to using MySQL for storage of all library data and static data. This will allow us to make the codebase more usable by different mud instantiations, and also opens up a world of opportunity for the current running mud.

We will now soon be able to edit all of our messages, etc in the database rather than having to recompile to fix a typo in a skill's message. ... read more

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2004-06-30

HavokMud project hits top 100

Well, congratulations and thanks to all who are actively helping our project move forward. As of June 19, we ranked #80 for project activity on Sourceforge. Granted the stats aren't perfect as they are missing CVS stats, but this is still something to be proud of.

Keep up the good work.

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2004-06-21

Progress and future changes

Our ongoing cleanup and bugfixing of this codebase is well on track. We have reformatted all of the code to be a lot more legible, and have reworked the command parsing code to be a lot less prone to buffer overflows. Much of the changes so far have had minimal or no noticable changes for the playerbase.

We are planning on reorganizing the contents of the sourcefiles to be easier to find skills, etc. These changes will make the life of the coders far more pleasant.... read more

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2004-05-31