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Im back.... 'ish

After a somewhat prolonged absence the project lives again. Plans have been scaled back and there is a re-write to .net coming plus a change in the project plan. Details soon.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-10-24

Stats Viewer now release code

Also recompiled on VC++.NET

Anyone find anything wrong... LET ME KNOW!!!!!


Posted by Anonymous 2002-07-15

New Version of Stats viewer due

A new (none debug ::mutter::) release that has been .net'd is due out this week.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-07-15

What is a Body Type?

While all creatures are different their body shape falls into one of a few basic categories (Humaniod, WingedQuadraped, Icky etc).

These forms will be used to determine target areas on a body (humaniods have head, chest, left arm, left hand etc). Any attack damage will then be adjusted based on where it hits, less for a hand more for a head.
This will in turn allow players with higher skill to target areas and also player determination on armour etc.
A full list of areas and mods will be listed in the documentation over the next few days.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-07-03

Initial Stats Viewer v0.1

Allows player to look at all combinations of starting race/class/sex. Displays stats defined to date.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-06-21

Basic Stats

The first details of the character stats has been released. This shows the main races (not all of them at this point, more on that later) and there repective starting attributes.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-05-02

Web Site

Despite the barriers raised gainst me (mostly my lack of knowledge) the web site has been transfered!

Miracles do happen! (see my diary if you want a laugh)

Posted by Anonymous 2002-04-28

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