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Hastymail 1.1 Released

This release includes two important security related updates. It is recommended that
all users upgrade to this version. Other updates include a improved German and
a new Hungarian interface translation, and fixes to many areas of the code based
on user feedback and testing.

Posted by Jason Munro 2012-08-20

Code Updates for May 15

There are lots of fixes and updates in SVN since RC2 was released. 1.1 stable will be released very soon. You can check out the full list of whats new here:


Posted by Jason Munro 2012-05-15

Hastymail 1.01 Stable Released

This is a maintenance release for the stable Hastymail2 series. The only code change addresses a newly discovered cross site scripting issue with the HTML message filter implementation. All users are encouraged to upgrade or patch their 1.0 installs

Posted by Jason Munro 2010-09-30

Hastymail 1.0 Stable Released

This is the first stable release of Hastymail2. A lot of testing and
feedback has resulted in many bug fixes and improvements in all areas
of the core code. Several plugins have been updated with new features
and fixes, and 5 new ones have been added: username, saved_search,
custom_reply_to, login_alias, and pop_fetch. Supporting software like
tinyMCE and Soundmanager2 have been updated to newer versions, and the HTML content filter has been depracted in favor of htmLawed. The interface has been optimized to have fewer HTTP requests, better caching, improved theme CSS, and W3C valid XHTML.

Posted by Jason Munro 2010-09-16

Hastymail2 RC9 Released

We are happy to announce the availability of release candidate 9 of Hastymail2. This will be the last release candidate before our first stable release. There are many improvements and fixes in the this version since R8 was released and we encourage all users to upgrade. You can see the full list of changes here:


As always thanks to everyone who has supported the project.... read more

Posted by Jason Munro 2010-03-16

Hastymail2 RC8 Released

Tons of updates since the last release. Expanded the plugin API with more tools methods and hooks, updated several plugins, and added IMAP quota, Javascript notices, compose page address auto complete, extended options help, and AJAX message signing plugins. Themes have been improved with optional message and folder icons and selected message highlighting. The change log has over 60 fixes and additions since the last release. Thanks as always to everyone who supports the project

Posted by Jason Munro 2009-12-07

Hastymail2 RC 6 released

Added Bulgarian, Japanese, and Italian translations (and a start on Romanian), fixed some bugs with SMTP authentication, improved vcard importing, improved folder list handling, fixed a bug that broke images and thumbnails when not using cookies, Expanded the theming capabilities, fixed some bugs in the advanced search, fixed a bug with templates not loading properly, fixed a copy/paste bug with text message parts, Unified the code responsible for outputting messages lists, and more

Posted by Jason Munro 2009-04-30

Hastymail2 RC 5 released

Lots of great updates in this release. Reworked the AJAX system to
significantly reduce requests. Moved library code to smaller files
to reduce memory usage by up to 25% at the cost of an extra include.
Lots of layout fixes that greatly improve cross browser consistency
and a new theme called "aqua". Translation updates including fixing
some missing strings, updates to the Dutch interface, and a new German
translation. Added an option to display HTML message parts in an iframe
to protect the interface from poorly formatted messages, an SMTP auth
fix, Version 1.x profile and settings conversion scripts, a custom
logout URL option, IMAP-UTF7 folder name support, and lots more.
As always thanks to everyone supporting the project with testing
and feedback.

Posted by Jason Munro 2009-03-23

Hastymail2 RC 4 Released

Fixes in this release include correcting a bug with the navigation + action controls on the message view page, fixing a bug with the browser
redirect after replying to certain messages, solving a max url problem in the AJAX routines by converting calls to POST, correcting a date format bug in the logger plugin effecting db storage, fixing a display bug with hiding or showing the folder tree, and several improvements to the handling of some folder hierarchy types. The site javascript includes have been compressed and combined to reduce the overall total number of files and size by 50%. An option was added to display only IMAP subscribed folders. Two new plugins are available with this release, a "notices" plugin that plays a sound file or opens a popup window when a new message arrives, and a news reader plugin called "news" that supports both RSS and ATOM feeds and has content filtering,
a feed cache, and list merging support. The calendar plugin has major updates including the ability to add, edit, or delete events stored in Mysql or Postgres. Repeating events are supported, and an optional event total and link to today's calendar page can be displayed below the folder tree. The calendar now has quick links to navigate to current time periods and a "list all events" page to show all of a user's scheduled events.

Posted by Jason Munro 2009-01-19

Updates Since RC3

It has been a great start to the year for Hastymail2 development. Plugin work has been active and several fixes to the core code have gone into SVN since RC3 was released. The core changes are small fixes here and there, with the exception of a set of changes to handle certain kinds of folder hierarchies better. On the plugin side we have a new plulgin, "notices", which lets users setup sounds or a pop up window to be activated when new mail is detected. The other big plugin news is the calendar now has event support using Mysql or Postgres, including support for repeating events. I posted a snapshot at the Download page for anybody interested in testing out the latest.

Posted by Jason Munro 2009-01-15

Hastymail2 RC 3 Released

This release contains many updates and fixes including a fix to the SMTP
library that corrects a Gmail incompatibility, a new icon based theme,
a translation system for plugins, updates to the message filters plugin,
a CLI script to convert Hastymail 1 style contacts, Improved DB storage
for saving contacts and settings in Postgres or Mysql using PEAR DB or MDB2,
document updates, and several other bug fixes all over the code (see the
CHANGES file for the full list). Thanks to everyone who has supported the
project with testing and feedback.

Posted by Jason Munro 2008-12-28

Updates since RC2

Development has been busy since the last release with no small thanks to all the great feedback we have received. We now have a simple translation system for plugins (which the filters and "hello world" plugins are using), database storage support for contacts, a new theme, better folder list handling, and several bug fixes. We hope to have another release before the end of the year so check back soon. Thanks to everyone who has provided bug reports and testing, we appreciate your support.

Posted by Jason Munro 2008-12-19

Hastymail2 RC 2 Released

This release contains many updates including fixes to multibyte character support,
better folder handling for UW IMAP, plugin API improvements, as well as many
other fixes and corrections throughout the code and documentation. This release
also includes 3 new plugins: message filtering; logging; and compose page warnings.
Thanks to everyone who filled out bug reports, provided feedback and tested features.

Posted by Jason Munro 2008-12-07

Hastymail2 RC 1 Released

We are happy to announce the first release candidate of Hastymail2. This release contains many fixes including updates to themes and translations, performance improvements, and several bug fixes. See the CHANGES file in the code for a detailed list of whats new.

Posted by Jason Munro 2008-10-27

Hastymail2 Beta 3 released

We are pleased to announce that the third beta release of Hastymail2 is available. Thanks to great feedback from the community many issues are resolved. We are excited to continue development toward the first stable relase.

Hastymail2 is a cross platform IMAP/SMTP webmail application written in PHP. Hastymail2 provides lightweight AJAX update functionality, mobile device support, a flexible and evolving plugin api, php templates with css themes, all with a small fooprint and few dependencies.

Posted by Jason Munro 2008-08-19

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