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Schedule for next version

I apologize for the delay in getting a fixed version out. It is nearly ready and I've just got to get the build smoothed out for all of you that build from source. Check back in the next week or so to get a vastly improved tool.

Posted by Neal Josephson 2003-04-08

New Release coming soon

I've been busy crunching on Backyard Hockey but a new version of Hap is nearly ready. This version features a client dll that can be easily incorporated into an application that needs python scripting. It also adds a bunch of features that have come as a result of hockey development.

Posted by Neal Josephson 2002-08-30

Version 2.1 Released

I've just uploaded the latest release of Hap. This version contains so many new features I don't know where to start - watch tooltips, interactive window with autocompletion, better exception handling, many bugs fixed. Download it, try it out and let me know what you think (nealj at users.sourceforge.net).

Posted by Neal Josephson 2002-06-11

Version 0.4 released

Version 0.4 (source and binaries) was posted April 19, 2002. This version fixes several serious bugs. Single stepping now works properly after exceptions, socket problems with large variable lists were fixed, along with some other problems. The debugger should be much more reliable now.

Advanced debugging support still has some bugs that can cause the client to exit unexpectedly.

Posted by Bruce Dawson 2002-04-21

CVS archive removed

I've removed the CVS source archive for the time being. It was proving to be more effort that it was worth to maintain. All the source code is available in zip format in the files section. For the time being if anyone wishes to submit a change, email me the changes and I will merge them into the source tree and add a new file release.

Posted by Neal Josephson 2002-03-20

New Version Released

I've just uploaded .zip versions of the latest (still beta) version of the Hap Debugger. This version replaces the python based debugging code with faster C code and lays the groundwork for even more powerful debugging features to be added in the future.

Posted by Neal Josephson 2002-03-20

HAP Python Remote Debugger Beta Version Released

I've just released a beta version of the HAP Python Remote debugger. Source and Binaries are available in .zip format from the project page and source is also available via CVS. I hope to be continuing to update this project with new and improved features over the next few weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
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Posted by Neal Josephson 2002-01-11