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hamfax 0.8.1

  • Fix checkable entries in options menu
  • Fix hamlib parameters handling
  • Fix hamlib usage: Set PTT for ALSA and do not open hamlib in receive path
Posted by Christof Schmitt 2011-07-29

hamfax 0.8

  • Use Qt4 instead of Qt3
  • Save and restore window size and state
  • Update ALSA implementation: works now with pulseaudio
  • Small fixes
Posted by Christof Schmitt 2011-07-27

hamfax 0.7

  • French translation from Jean-michel Déchamps
  • ALSA support (patch from Mike Nix)
  • hamlib support (patch from Remi Chateauneu)
  • updated spectrum analyzer (input from Jean-michel Déchamps)
  • man page from Debian package
  • Fixes from Andrea Montefusco for interoperation with oss2jack
  • Fix overflow bug in LookUpTable
  • Display translations also in Qt file dialogs
  • Name change to lowercase "hamfax"
Posted by Christof Schmitt 2011-07-11

HamFax 0.6.5

  • Add hamfax.desktop for entry in desktop menu
  • Fix build problems with newer GCC versions
  • Use docbook for documentation
Posted by Christof Schmitt 2011-06-17

HamFax 0.6.4

New version of HamFax that addresses compilation problems. Try this one if you had problems with the previous releases.

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2004-10-12

HamFax 0.6.3 released

This news item is a little bit late, but here it goes:

HamFax 0.6.3 has been released. The main purpose for this release is moving
the build system to automake/autoconf. This should solve all issues in
compiling and installing HamFax. If you have any other problems regarding this
package, please report them.

There was also a little error in the access to the web pages. This has been

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2003-02-02

HamFax 0.6.2 released

This new minor release gets rid of the old msg2qm utility and allows compiling with every distribution of Qt3.

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2002-08-15

HamFax 0.6.1 released

One bug was fixed which made HamFax unusable for PTC users. If you don't have a PTC you don't have to care about this.

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2002-05-21

HamFax 0.6 released

Here is a new release of HamFax. Changes include:
* Qt3 is required to compile and run the application
* new dialog for selecting font
* new handling of configuration (based on Qt3's QSettings class):
- system settings in /etc/hamfaxrc
- user settings in ~/.qt/hamfaxrc (created automatically)
* german translation of (hopefully all) visible strings
(ok, except the help dialog)
* should compile with g++ 3.0, too
* beginning of reworking the internals (filters, ...)
* use of doxygen for some classes

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2002-03-15

rpm files for 0.5.2 available

A source rpm and a binary rpm of HamFax 0.5.2 are available in the files section. The binary is for i386 and was built with SuSE Linux 7.3. The source should build on more platforms, it was tested with SuSE Linux 7.2 and 7.3.

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2001-12-05

HamFax 0.5.2 released

This minor release (again) addresses some issues reported to me. They include:
HamFax should now build with Qt3.0
no crash if read from sound device failed
minimal carrier frequency of 800Hz allowed
some cheap sound cards should work now

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2001-11-29

HamFax 0.5.1 released

This is a minor release fixing two bugs:
fixed segmentation fault on exit (closing of audio file)
fixed crash occuring while reception was cancelled immediately

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2001-09-10

HamFax 0.5 released

HamFax 0.5 ist out. The main purpose of this release are some bug fixes. Here is the changelog:

  • fixed disconnect bug while writing to file
  • fixed line length while transmitting at high speed (>300lpm)
  • failed read on sound device should no longer crash the program
  • error message if PTC (serial) device cannot be accessed
  • fixed handling of escape key in dialogs
  • uninstall target in Makefile
Posted by Christof Schmitt 2001-08-30

HamFax 0.4 released

Here is version 0.4. Changes since 0.3:

  • received colors are displayed as spectrum in receive dialog
  • possible data rates for the PTC are now 38400, 57600 and 115200 bps
  • three low pass filters in demodulator, taken from ACfax
  • various small fixes
Posted by Christof Schmitt 2001-08-17

HamFax 0.3 released

I did many changes and released version 0.3 today. Here is the changelog:

  • moved controls to three tool bars
  • some tool tips explaining controls
  • color fax like JVFAX does as JVCOLOR
  • several routines to correct received picture
  • sound card and serial interface are now accessed without blocking
  • help dialog
Posted by Christof Schmitt 2001-07-16

HamFax 0.2 released

Version 0.2 is now available. Here is a list of changes:

  • some changes to creation and recognition of phasing lines
  • options are now saved in config file ~/.hamfax
  • now all image file formats supported by Qt are available
  • added menu items to rotate the image and to scale to ioc
  • switch for scrolling to last line while receiving
  • added status bar and moved image size and ioc there
  • while receiving facsimiles via sound card the signal level is shown
  • little changes to README
Posted by Christof Schmitt 2001-06-21

HamFax 0.1 released

HamFax 0.1 has been released. Sending and receiving of facsimiles should work basically. If you try this program please send any comments to cschmit@suse.de

Posted by Christof Schmitt 2001-06-12

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