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New Version 0.98c released

- TAG support for networks
- Export function
- new XMLRPC-API methods:
  - add/edit/delete Root
  - edit network
- simple REST-Wrapper
- search function enhanced
  - search also for ip addresses, networks and parts of it
  - search for networks with special TAGs
- Add multiple authentication methods for login at once
- GUI enhancements
  - given a defaut subnet CIDR, you can expand an empty supernet for easier subnet assignments
  - option to remove CIDR from IP addresses
  - option to show subnet borders
- of course several bugfixes (see ChangeLog)
Posted by larsux 2015-03-04 Labels: 0.98c

New Version 0.9.8b released

- Audit logs
- postgreSQL support
- add locking for network deletion
- add new API method: XMLRPC
- improve rights delegation while editing networks
- add new button 'Search and assign free networks'
- add possibility to configure multiple server to ldap authentication
- inherit ACLs from super net / root
- sort user and group field
- improve robustness against concurrent requests
- Bugfixes

Posted by larsux 2014-08-29 Labels: 0.98b

New Version 0.9.7 released

- of course: Bugfixes
- multibyte languages support
- rewrite of database upgrade code
- some more Importers
- validation of a consistent network state while creating a new networks
- update available network states

Posted by larsux 2010-02-24

Seventh (Sub-)Version Released

Short update with some BugFixes and one big enhancement: HaCiAPI.
HaCi now supports a SOAP Interface for accessing the data not only from the webfrontend but also from a perl/php/... script.

Posted by larsux 2009-11-01

Sixth (Sub-)Version Released

There are not that much innovations, but lets keep the Project running...
- New Configfile Format
- Show free Subnets (with fixed CIDR)
- Option to define default Subnet Size
- Show Tree-Structure (simple)
- Fuzzy Search
- Change own Passwort
- DNS-Import improved
- some Performance Tuning (with improved Cache

Posted by larsux 2008-08-07

Fifth Version Released

Some new Features:
- HaCi Daemon for running recurrent Plugins
- direct access to network functions
- graphical enhancements
- advanced Status Messages (Ajax)
- dynamic Descriptions with Plugin Variables

Posted by larsux 2008-04-03

Fourth Version Released

Some new Features were implemented:
The Big one at first:
- IPv6 Support
- splitting/combining Network
- recurrent Plugin Execution
- automatic modification of Database Schemas
- a new Color Scheme can be choosen

Posted by larsux 2007-10-08

Third Version released

Major improvements:
- Ajax support in order of faster surfing in the Tree
- Possibility to modify netaddress, netmask and root of existing networks
- colorfull extended network states

Posted by larsux 2007-08-31

Second Version released

I'll try to release often, in order to keep this piece of software up to date and interesting.
The major change is the ability to import CSV Files with Nettype support. So you can export your Dial Customers with username and 'ubr' and ... in a CSV File and import them by means of a suitable Template in your HaCi.
Additionally the 'Flush ACL' Button has been obsolete and so removed. Now there works an ACL-Cache which is responsable for the correct Access handling.... read more

Posted by larsux 2006-11-18

First Version released!

now, the first Version of HaCi is released.
It begins with 0.5, because it runs allready for some time in a productive environment.

For a demo preview visit:

greets, larsux

Posted by larsux 2006-11-15