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MacOS script

MacOS script is available
Check forum on http://www.h-inventory.com

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2008-02-01

Solaris script updated

New Solaris script (1.0.4)

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2007-11-27

FreeBSD script updated

Version 1.2.6 is out
Add audit
HTTP and SOAP update

Thanks to julien

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2007-10-18

Solaris script updated

Version 1.0.3 of the Solaris script is out

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2007-10-10

H-Inventory 1.0.0 is out

The new H-Inventory is out.
Please give us feedback.

New features
* Inventory
Quick Search
Multiple edition of extra fields
Cron synchronization
Default Location
Auto location by script
Statistics filtered by locations

* Incidents
Quick search
Edition and deletion
Multiple incidents types and subtypes

* Monitoring
Cron to automate monitoring and audit

* Knowledge Base

* Deployment
Interface and DB improvement
New installation method with the 0.2 version of the client... read more

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2007-04-06

Test release 1.0.0

You can test the 1.0.0 release asking it by mail to hi-pl@iscio.com
I will send you the software by email.

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2007-03-26

Demo of Development Release

The new version is ready to be released.
For the moment, there is a demo site of the devel version.
Login: admin
Password: password
Give us feedback (bugs or opinion ...) about this demo
We need translators to update or create the files.

Next week, we will propose to you to download it to test it more...

What's new

Quick Search
Multiple edition of extra fields
Cron synchronization
Default Location
Auto location by script
Statistics filtered by locations... read more

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2007-03-20

Port FreeBSD accepted !

FreeBSD Developers accept our port proposed by Tom.

Now on your freebsd if you try :

make search name=hinventory
you have :

Port: hinventory-client-1.2.5
Path: /usr/ports/www/hinventory-client
Info: H-Inventory Client for FreeBSD
Maint: tom@h-inventory.com
WWW: http://www.h-inventory.com/

I think it is not difficult to do the same thing for Debian but the process is very long. So if Debian developers are here, contact us ...... read more

Posted by JulienS 2006-10-17

Beta 7 is out

The Beta7 of H-Inventory is now available in the download section of our site (http://www.h-inventory.com)
The Beta7 comes with many new features:
- PDF generation to have a complete report of computers
- Conflicts management
- External authentication (ldap, imap,...)
- Extra fields management
- Licences management
- Proxy configuration
- Link between Inventory and Incidents
- Location restriction for users and technicians
- Deployment improvements (linux methods added)
- Installation improvements... read more

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2006-10-12

[URGENT] Lasts Tests for Beta7 !


The Beta7 is available on demand to hi-pl@iscio.com
The real releasing will depend on feedbacks

Posted by JulienS 2006-10-11

OpenBSD script is out

Hello ,

A new version of OpenBSD script is out.
With H-inventory you can now inventory your OpenBSD workstations/serveurs.

Thanks to the contributor

Posted by JulienS 2006-10-09

H-Inventory Beta6 Out

New release of H-Inventory (Beta6)
new functionalities: monitoring, network map, new design, sites, ...
new installation/upgrade method
improvements and more capabilities

Posted by JulienS 2006-06-22

New scripts

New scripts that return more infos on computers.

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2006-06-20

Beta5 is out

The Beta 5 is out.
We will release the RC1 soon

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2006-02-01

Beta5 in development

The beta 5 will be available soon.
New features: Audit/Application Deployment/Setup page

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2006-01-13

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