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GXMame 0.34b is released

This is a bugfixes release.
- the general option does not override the game option.
- hotrod(s) options are working now with older version of Xmame

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2003-12-19

GXMame 0.34 is released

the major changes in this release are:
- Use GTK2.
- Columns layout editable and sortable.
- New tree view (clone games can be folded under original one).
- Added a button to suppress a specific game option.
- Simplified Chinese translation added.
- Bugfixes and memory leak.
- Added a Greek translation(not complete).

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2003-12-16

GXMame 0.32 is out

In this release:
- Change some options to works with Xmame-0.66.x (but I kept a backward compatibility so you shouldn't have problems with older version of xmame).
- Added skip disclaimer and gameinfo options.
- Add a support for different keyboard layout.
- Added support for catver.ini file from www.catver.com.
- Unzipped icons are working now.
- Bug fixes and code cleanup: see the Changelog.

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2003-03-24

First GXMame update of the year

In this release you will find the following improvement:
* Added new options of xmame-0.62prX
* Added icons support (zipped and non zipped).
* Added a new view (Indented view).
* User can now set additionnal options string.
* User can now changes to color of the clones games.
* User can now changes the font of the folders and game list.
* Added option for Netmame 0.6 rc1.
* Reorganize directory options into several tabs.
* Change some icons.
* Bug fixes and code cleanup.

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2003-01-08

Debian package

debian package of the latest GXMame (0.30) is available thanks to Nicos Panayides. Grab it at the download page.

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2002-11-29

here come a new version of GXMame

and this time, you'll find:
* Added new options of xmame-0.61.1
* Multiple executables support.
* Support zipped screenshots.
* Joystick support improved (Faster navigation with left and right) and selection disabled when some dialog boxes are open.
* Added warning messages.
* menu to record and playback games.
* Some options layout reorganization.
* Added Polish translation.
* Debian directory added to build .deb.
* Html Documentation added.
* lot of bugfixes: see the Changelog.

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2002-11-24

Update of GXMame

The version 0.28 of GXMame is available

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2002-08-29

New version of GXMame

here come the new version of GXMame, user can now change the games options from the gui.

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2002-08-06

new update

Audit of all roms and samples
this time:
-Properties window
-Audit of a single game
-Popup menu
-some fixes, see the Changelog to get more informations

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2002-06-09

first release

first release of an alpha but very usable of GXMame

Posted by Stéphane Pontier 2002-05-07

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